Tuesday 15 January 2013


Hi Everyone! How's your first 15 pages of 365 days for 2013?
Hope everything's well. 
It's always good when we count our blessings.
And that thought is a springboard on why I'm doing this post.
To say THANK YOU and be grateful for the things and people I have in my life.

Let me share with you a recap of what's 
on my newly arrived bucket this January.

1. Mango Skirt. This has a full post, if you're in the mood 
for some short story reading, indulge yourself HERE.

2. Gatsby Wax and Vitress Hair Cuticle Coat.
I am a curl mousse fan but I get this genius tip 
from Beauty Brick stylists and Mr. Shin!
Unbelievably, this combination works wonder. 
I witnessed that first-hand. 
For my digi-perm experience, click HERE.

3. 8 Secrets of the Truly Rich by Bo Sanchez
One of my to-do list this year is to have a passive income.
Still praying about it and I'm acting upon it too.
This is a part of my action item.

4. Emerald Green Maxi Dress
This universally flattering dress is a fashion staple this year.
For a mini-fashion forecast, click HERE.
That plus the color! Update your wardrobe with 
this specific kind of green, Emerald! #Sparkle!

5. Sophia Eyelash Enhancer by Virginia Olsen *Sponsored!
This is one of the items I got from The Salad Box.
As of this writing, I am on my 9th day on trying this product.
I am getting excited and don't know what to expect after 8 weeks!
Can this be a ticket to the infamous Betty Boop Eyelashes? *Wink!

6. Veloci Voyager Watch *Sponsored!
Special thanks to Veloci Team for having us last 
week for Veloci / Asprey Watch Event at The Podium.
Big, nautical watches are the next fashionable thing!
Stay posted for my outfit posts.

May we always be reminded of this:

With that, THANK YOU for reading this post. 
Power Hug! -CMK


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  1. Hi Kristine

    You can try Lucido L Treatment Oil for permed hair and their Styling Milk design for hair that's permed it would really work wonders on your hair since its a hair vitamin as well :)


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