Sunday 2 December 2012


How's your December so far? Have you experienced this dilemma?

When you're out looking for something, 
you cannot see it.
But when you're just un-expectantly glancing 
what comes your way,  
whoah! Stuff that you're looking for 
are right in front of you!

Last Saturday was more of a shopping slash pamper time for me.
Consequently, I ended up buying things 
I've been meaning to buy for the longest time.
I love the feeling of ticking them off on my to-buy list! ☺

Plain and simple, presenting...


1. Mocha Striped Dress with Gold Button 
detail from NY Square.
2. Finesse Curl Defining Mousse.
3. Dickies Cat Eye Sunglasses.
4. Floral Haltered Dress from NY Square.
5. Etude House Pencil Eyeliner.
6. Etude House Liquid Eyeliner.
7. Floral Ecobag.
8. Gold Bag from SM for free every
Php 3,000 single purchase.

All items were bought from SM Makati, 
except for #2 and #7 which were from The Landmark.

Final words: I wish to emphasize that this is not an everyday ritual for me.
Promise. Ask my friends! 
However, it wouldn't hurt to splurge your
hard-earned money once in a while. 
Uyy, mag-aagree yan! ;) -CMK


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