Saturday 8 December 2012


One Look. And you'll forget what does diet mean!
That's how I felt upon gazing these mini-cakes.
A feast to the eyes and to the taste buds.

This was how our lovely Wednesday Gastronomical Lunch went.. 

For a starter, we've been served with a garlic 
parmesan butter and bread.
I love butters. Their breads are so-so.

Eggs Benedict at Php 335
Marky had a hefty serving of Eggs Benedict
and this gorgeous looking Chocolate Shake.

Chicken & Pesto Rice at Php 345
 Mamey Annie had Chicken & Pesto Baked Rice
According to Bizu's site, it is grilled chicken slices, organic basil, 
pine nuts, garlic, olive oil, rice pilaf, bechamel and gratinated mozzarella.

Tocino Breakfast at Php 300 (approx)
Zen had her classic Tocilog.
Garlic rice. Cream cheese. Tocino. Scrambled Egg.
Don't let it fool you - this plate's a lot!

Linguine Vongle at Php 265
 Yours truly got Linguine Vongole. 
White pasta with clams, white wine, linguine, parsley, 
aged parmesan and light chili-infused oil.

 For some more enticing photos...

Whole Cakes Price Range : Php 1,000++

Macarons de Paris. Php 55 each.

I could gulp a bunch in no time!

Chocolate Truffles. Php 65 each
You know what I like most about Bizu - Greenbelt?
The place! It is so conducive for bonding moments.
Place is not blasted by loud sounds. 
Chair. Table. Lighting. Even washroom.
The architecture and design. They are all A+ Fabulous!

Except for the price tag, this place is just perfect.

 Where do you plan to eat out and get together with your friends?
Don't forget to try something new.
But - wherever that may be - as long as you're having FUN
with the people you love,
that is where heaven is. -CMK


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  1. nice place! :) how I wish there are shops here in Bats. City which was like this, sad to say we only have one (yes, only one, it's nice yet small, approx 12 persons can occupy) pero atleast they have here cheap cupcakes, like Php48 per piece and macarons for only Php42 and may php36 pa nga. :)

    Then, di ba po yung Eggs Benedict is just an egg cooked in hot/boiling water?


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