Friday 30 November 2012


Although I deliberately avoid being ultra-personal 
and yak me-things on this blog, one thing is inevitable - 
that as you readers share a piece of yourself, so should I!
Please keep the comments coming as I love reading what's your take on things! 

Do you have weird habits? 
Not the weird-scary but weird-strange habits?
Help yourselves and laugh (or raise your eyebrow, perhaps?):

Weird Habit #6: Usually before I sleep, 
I type 2-5 text messages for different people,
then save them on my phone's draft.
 In the morning, I'll just click on send button on each of the message.

Weird Habit #5: I'm still a fan of to-do list.
Every day, I have a notepad application on my laptop
and list the things I need to do. 
This is beneficial. 
But the fun weird part is - I also have to-do list on paper. 
To-Buys. To-Blog. To-think about. To-Do's.

 Weird Habit #4: I'm a grammar nazi. I love grammar improvements. 
Specially when I'm the author. Given the luxury of time, 
I proofread my blog posts. 
Here's the punch line: 
Even after I published it.

Wait till you see Weird Habit #1!

 Weird Habit #3: Even though wi-fi is as common as air,
at home - I make sure that I'm not connected 
via mail or social media sites all the time. 
While others adore the idea of 'keeping in touch' 24/7, 
I still desire to be unreachable and find some solitude 
on just being at one place, doing one thing at a time. 

Weird Habit #2: I browse magazines and books, backwards. 
Specially magazines, I read from the back to the front. 
One time in a parlor, the hairdresser got really confused 
why do I have to read from the store directory forward. Haha!

Weird Habit #1: I don't drink plain (as-is) milk. 
Hot or cold alike. 
Epp. It makes me wanna throw up. 

The Song? This!
I'm not crazy, I'm just a little unwell
I know right know you can't tell... Haha! -CMK

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  1. haha. even though I knew that song already, I watched it til the end. Ngayon ko lang po napanood yung MTV niya eh :P

    Same with your WH#5 Miss K, I have a to-do/to-buy/to-bake list on my blog's draft, on my cp, on my planner, at the back of an old receipt, on my sticky note pads. :) it's actually isn't weird, it's unique :D sound better? :D

    PS. I've got an idea on what to post on my blog :) thanks thanks! :D


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