Monday 26 November 2012


CMK with Mr. Shin
It was 2010 when I first joined the bandwagon of (ladies with) digipermed hair and I loved it since then. My hair has been a walis-type of hair. From my university days up to 2010, the tip of my hair can be likened to a ba-ba-broom (take your pick - walis tambo or walis tingting) ☺

I have a scheduled trip to Taipei that time (click HEREwith some of my friends and I want to change my image on that trip's pictures (I can be THAT shallow sometimes.) Poof! The thought hit me. DIGIPERM! I relied to blog reviews and forum to assess if it's a yes or nay - and thanks to my good friend Jolly, the deal was sealed. Let's do this!

I had 2 choices back then. Mr. Simon Kim and Mr. Shin. I texted Mr. Shin and he (or his staff) was super kind enough to answer all my questions. However, due to schedule (and price) constraint - my first digiperm experience was from Mr. Simon Kim (click HERE). In all fairness, the curls was all good, it's just that my hair was too short that time to be curled. Hence the effect was not that optimum. 

Come 2011 - I've met Mr. Shin personally (and I've been his regular client since then). Why? Let me answer you in ways more than one! FAST FACT: Mr. Shin is a Japanese. He's not Korean as most girls can easily assume. Us - because I, for one, thought he was. But yes - he is a Japanese.

Beauty Brick is such a welcome treat!
It's unique in its own right.
What I like most about the ambiance 
is it's not your typical parlor type where the radio tunes 
are so loud or the television is tuned in to a showbiz talk show!
Personally. I. hate. that. I see parlors as de-stress zones 
and I'd like it to be decently relaxing.
Beauty Brick's type of music are without words (only sounds).
It has a Japanese retro beat and the place was well lighted!
Another noteworthy detail? Their magazines are updated!
They all have the newest and latest issues. All of them.

Their staff were the most light-handed people I've known.
From how hot or cold the water is to the intensity of your head massage,
they'll make it a point that you are not uncomfortable in any way.
Another thing that I appreciate is that they are not
the typical loud-mouthed people you see in parlors.
They are so nice to be with. Happy and sunshiny people :) 

Time and again we've been told - we get what we paid for,
and this is no exemption. Their products are kind to the scalp.
Their machines? Well maintained.
And take this as a giveaway how serious they are in providing
a good, quality perm - the whole procedure went for about 3 hours.
First was my hair 'drank' vitamins / collagen treatment,
then the digiperm solution, then curls were 'cooked' in the magic black machine.
And whoah! Curly Tops! 

I am one happy client of Mr. Shin. The curls and the experience
was all gooood!

1. How much? Php 3,500 (standard).
2. How long will these curls stay? Depends. For me, staying power is 1 year.
3. Where? Makati Avenue, click their FB link below for more details.
4. By appointment? YES. Beauty Brick is so famous these days,
I booked my appointment 1 month in advance. No joke!
5. Weekday or weekend? If you can, go for weekday mornings.
6. What if my curls didn't last? If your curls doesn't last for the first few days, 
Mr. Shin is kind enough to re-do them.
It happens though very seldom. 
And it happens to all digiperm services, just so you have an idea on what to expect.

Digiperm costs at around Php 3,500.
If you're a regular client, they'll slash 10% off the bill.
Don't forget to be nice and give ate's a tip ☺
Like them on Facebook by clicking HERE.

Are you ready to sit on these chairs? -CMK



  1. Love the curls!!
    It looks so fresh and so natural!

    The Misty Mom

    1. Hi Sharina! Oooh - you're so sweet! Thank you! Mwah! (^.^)

  2. nice hair.. pretty! :)

    btw,join my blog giveaway!:) Here and Here! :)

  3. What is your hair like before the treatment? I just got my hair permed there, and right after the treatment, its really frizzy.

    1. Hi - hmm.. 'treated' hair generally has a tendency to be frizzy. My hair got its share of 'frizzy-ness' too :) Suggest that you do an every other day of hair spa (you can buy hair spa products on over the counter stores like Watsons) - in no time, your hair will be back to its regal state :D Keep me posted!

  4. was researching on beauty brick and my search led me to your blog :) i just have a few questions:
    1. how long before you can wash your hair?
    2. can you tie it afterwards?
    3. how do you give a tip? like do you have to tip mr shin? hahaha

    nice hair color btw..did you get it there too? :) thank you!

    1. Hello there :) Wow! Thanks for visiting this blog:

      1. You can wash your hair after 24 hours but no shampoo for the next 2 days. Only conditioner.
      2. Yup you can. :)
      3. Yes I gave the tip to the staff (Deborrah) if I'm not mistaken. What's nice is they have a chant that says: "Mam Kristine gave us a tip." Then all of them will respond: "Thank you"

      Hair color I got from Bench Fix - here's the related post for my hair color:

  5. do they do ombre? TIA

    1. Hi TIA, hmm, not sure if they do... but I saw they have nice {hair} coloring services. Probably they offer ombre too. Thanks for dropping by. Happy Easter ♥

  6. hi there. ilove your curls. :)) _what is the minimum tip that you gave them (khit range lang po) :)) _ive been searching for all of the reviews of beauty brick and all is a good feedback except for one i saw on the fb as a regular customer, naniniwala kb dun? hehe. thnx po. super research lang about beauty bricks. super thanx in advanz. :))


    1. Hi Aim! Thanks! I gave them Php 100 to 150 as a tip. They have centralized tipping system so I think everybody gets a fair share.

      Hmm.. Me and my friends have been their regular for 2 years and we love their services so far. I guess the not-so-good feedback is a one-off incident.

      You're very much welcome (^.^)

    2. hello! i just got my hair permed yesterday! HAHA. do u have a blog regarding caring ur digiperm hair? or pede ishare mo? hehe. if u dont mind. medyo in a hurry kase aq umalis sa beauty brick ndi nq nkbili nung wax. haha. thnkyou po. :)


    3. Hello Aim - that's super nice! How was your digi-permed locks so far? :) I have featured some hair spa products but I'll come up with a specific digiperm hair care post for you (^.^)

    4. yay! really? ur so nice naman po. hehe. so far so good. ay grabe ang benta ni mr.shin.HAHA. ang aga kna pmunta dame pdin tao. one of his hair dresser told me that i can comb my hair only when its wet, i kinda doubt it pero ill wait nlng for your digiperm hair care. thank so much! :))


  7. Hi. Did you call/text them? Is the price still P3, 500? Did you give the tip to Debborah only? Thanks! The curls look good on you btw. :)

    1. Hi Eli. I did text them. I gave it to Debborah and she announces it to the whole room! As usual :) Price is Php 3,500 at first then 10% off afterwards.

      Thanks for the compliment. I'm afraid I need to have it permed na! Curls are hanging loose! :D

  8. I love the curls but I don't see myself having my hair digipermed.. yet. I love my hair straight and just curl it whenever I want to. Hehe ☺

  9. Sometimes a digiperm costs for about 5k to 6k! :O and they have it for a half price almost! WOW!

    haha! so true for the chika shows aired on TV inside a parlor/salon, staffs are used of it. and hindi naman po sa paninira, yung iba talagang salon late issues at medyo gulagulanit na yung mga mags nila (ref to a salon inside a mall here). :/

  10. Hi.. I have a natural curly hair and 1 year ago ma po yung last rebond nya.. pwede kaya ako idigiperm? tnx

  11. How to go there exactly? Thanks

    1. Hey Sheree :) I suggest you send them a message via FB so they can give you specific directions :)

  12. Hello. May natural curly hair po ako and since, nauso ang rebond nagparebond po ako. And now, Nakakapagod magparebond, Ngiging kulot ndin naman BUT dry. Gusto ko po magpa digi perm... Can you give me some advice? And saan? Gusto ko po bumalik sa dati hair ko na hndi dry. TY

    1. Hmm.. I suggest you let your hair rest (from hair treatments) for at least 6 months. After that, you go to your trusted salon and have your hair assessed.

      Most parlors specially the well-known ones are honest so if your hair is not yet ready for the treatment, they'll let you know :)

      Alagaan mo ng conditioner and treatment. Try Human ♥ Nature Sunflower Oil :)

  13. hello, what is the size of your curls here? are they the medium or the large one =)) thanks

    1. It's medium. I tried the large curl size before but after some few months, the curl disappeared :D

  14. Hi! I'm trying to locate them on Facebook, pero lageng wala. Wanted to just send them a message because I'm still here abroad, papasched na as early as now for my vacation on Dec. Help please? Link on their FB page or email ad would be very much appreciated. Thanks! :)

  15. Hi, i am planning to have permed hair. But its was rebonded and colored 7months ago. would it be advisable if i'd go with my plans..? thanks :D

  16. Hi, been reading a few blogs about this salon and I'm almost ready to give my then-straight-now-wavy-hair its first digiperm (should the stylist approves). One question though, do they accept credit cards? :) thanks.

  17. Is beauty brick in makati still in business? I can’t seem to get a hold of their number..

  18. Hi, your hair looks great! Just wondering, which treatment should go first, is it the hair color or the digital perm? Thanks.


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