Monday 1 October 2012


Looking for a spa in a bottle?
After walking and strutting in a high heeled shoes,
treat your footsies right where you're at!

One thing that I've been putting off for 
so long is my pamper time with my feet.
But come to think of it, your feet carries
your weight the most (and it's where the pressure is 
when you're in sky high heels!).

Yves Rocher suggests an answer 
to your tired feet dilemma!
Pardon me if I'm still struggling on how 
to pronounce these words right (Iv-Roshey)
but believe me when I say they 
have the nicest botanical products 
be it makeup or body/foot care.
(and may I add price friendly  too!). 



☺A botanical product.  
With the rising nature-love saga of today's beauty products, 
it's cool to know that this one is no exception. 
I admire how Yves Rocher market their products. 
They impart to their customers that the product is not 100% organic
 but rather botanical. Organic products, as I've been told,  have shorter 
shelf life so they need to infuse a bit of chemical to their products, 
making them botanical.

☺Cool and soothing.  
When poured this much - you can feel a cooling sensation.
Not sure about you but I love that toothpasty minty feel
on my tired feet! It also smells of Lavender,
an aroma known to send a human off into a dream land in no time!

☺It embraces your skin.  
Think of something clasping your skin down to your very pore.
That's how it feels. And even after washing off the substance,
the after effect is just cloud nine! 

☺It's pricey.  
It's Php 250 per 50 ml.
The only issue I have with this beauty is 
that it costs a quarter of a thousand.
I mean it depends up to how much are you 
willing to shell out for the love of your footsies.

It's not really a bare necessity but I think it's handy 
when you're traveling with lots of tours and walkathons. 
When you can't find time (and translator) 
to head over that foot spa salon,
why not indulge with this cool little bottle?
Without all the hassle and foreign exchange differences, 
I'd say, on that light, it's worth it. -CMK 


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