Friday 28 September 2012


Robinsons Manila Philippines - that's the branch of Mary Grace I'm usually in. I am at a school nearby 2 weekdays a week (this semester) so during lunch time, I head to my favorite place for a dose of me-time.

I've been acquainted to Mary Grace way back 2008. Cheese roll was my favorite back when I was working for a company within RCBC Plaza. I've outgrown it, and moved on to their other products.

Fast track 2012. I still look forward to see the homey Mary Grace cafe. Armed with a handy book that I'm attempting to finish (as always) - I spend less than an hour there.
Sometimes people watching. Sometimes praying. Sometimes reading. But nonetheless, always enjoying their special place and good food.

What makes Mary Grace Cafe so special?

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♣ Out of the Box Letters. 
 It's really a unique idea. All letters from the customers are 
carefully panned within the table under a clear mirror 
so that current customers can see it. You can see simple letters of love 
about special events like
Christmas, practical tips (as above), 
Wish you were here letters and the list goes on. 
Hot and very much like home!
♣ Coffee with a twist. 
 Firstly, I like their brewed coffee. 
It has a healthy mixture of bitterness and sweetness.
But the twist is the milk. You can select between Almond and Vanilla!
I've tried both and now I'm sure Almond is for me :)
It's served hot (or extra hot). Really, a stress reliever in a cup!
Tiramisu. Up Close.
♣ 'Just-right' sweetness.
 Have never been a fan of Tiramisu cakes, 
not until my mommy shared this piece of cake with me.
It has that tenderly soft texture,
topped with cocoa ganache. Very good for that 
light afternoon tête-à-tête with friends (chat na nga lang ☺)
 Note: You can eat lunch or dinner here too 
as they offer main courses and pastas.

Overall - this place is a piece of heaven within the heart of the metro.
When my eyes are tired and I just wanna stare without appearing lunatic,
there's always a respite by the name of Mary Grace!

Catch them with the following social media tools:
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Find out more about them by visiting their website HERE.

Next time you want to have your cake and eat it too,
try Mary Grace! And if you happen to see me there, 
let me take a munch out of your cake ☻
I'm kidding! -CMK



  1. I adore cute coffee shops! There are a lot of these kind of coffee shops at Greenbelt. I don't know the price range but I'm hoping to try them soon one at a time :)

  2. It has been a long time since I've had coffee. My doctor won't allow me to drink drinks with caffeine anymore due to continuous abdominal pain. Always during mornings I feel very sad about not having to sip on some hot coffees or hot chocos. I'd love to but I'm afraid of medical drugs anymore. Anyways, I could try on their tiramisu naman eh. Hihi always and forever a fan of pastries!!! I love their ensaymada :)


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