Monday 2 July 2012


Still can't get enough of our Father's Day Celebration @ One Tagaytay this early June.
I booked an accommodation at One Tagaytay Place via Asiatravel (for details, click HERE).

We roamed Tagaytay for the n'th time but each trip always gets me excited!
Maybe because I love windy places.
I picked One Tagaytay Place because there's a lot to love about this place.  

Ambiance. Think Zen, Nature Inspired, Crisp, Fresh and Relaxing.
That's all under one roof.

Staff. They are all friendly and warm. It's clap worthy indeed.
Place is strategic. It's near and convenient to almost everywhere.
 Cleanliness. I'm particular and have a 'bad' habit of sniffing bed sheets.
Theirs passed my sniff test. And did I mention their sheets are well ironed too?
Swimming Pool. I can let go of other facilities, except a pool to dip and relax.
They have one. Tip : Try to have an evening pool bonding - chances are you get
the place all by yourself. Especially when you're in a breezy place like Tagaytay.
Only weird people swim at night. (Present! Hehe).


Attendants were too close for comfort. Say what?
I just noticed that while we're having a breakfast - attendants around us
were carrying a consistent conversation, which made us feel uncomfortable
to interrupt them and ask for what we need.
Coffee was not hot when served. But the pleasant lady
served us another round (hot this time) and so we ended up happy and gay.


It's super worth it! Heck, money just resting in your wallet won't
make feel you relaxed and happy. There are times that spending some of your hard-earned
money is a way to go.

To One Tagaytay Team - keep up the magic! We'll definitely come back. :)

As King Solomon puts - there is a time to gather (wealth) and a time to scatter.
Nuff said. Be kind to yourself. -CMK.



  1. There's a lot of spas nowadays. And right now I need one hahaha. You should try Spa'a at Eastwood. They have those fishes that removes the dead skin on your feet and legs :)

  2. hehe. noted that sniff test Miss K :) and swimming in the pool at night in a cool place isn't my thing, I have a very weak pulmonary system :/

    Tagaytay Highlands (THIGCI) has a spa and lounge too, have you tried them po?

  3. im looking for a place in tagaytay for our anniversary. thanks for this post. ill check it out.


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