Tuesday 3 July 2012


Call it a sequel of A Shopping Moment Worth Sharing (click HERE).
While passing through the SM Shoe jungle,
determined NOT to spend a dime on impulse,
I harmlessly looked at SM Sole Mate's New collection.

They have an amazingly fashionable collection.
Meet these 3 beauties:

Top #1 goes to Into The Wild
Pop of Color while the base spells zebras,
cheetahs and tiger prints.
Don't be fooled, they also has a wild print outside.
Scroll through this post. You'll find out why.
BTW - you've read the sign right, it's any 2 for Php 399.75

Top #2 goes to Denim TherapyYou know that feeling when you just want to don
a black leggings + oversized white shirtblouse? Denim flats is the way to go!
You can incorporate this with the rising
Fashion Alert of Denim Top (click HERE)
but - don't overdo it okie?

Top #3 goes to.. Wild guess anyone?
Clue : Spring. Colorful. Flowers.

Last collection is Blooming
When you have a plain dress or
just a plain denim + neutral top,
this will put a spunk in your outfit.


Okay -for a little perk-me-up,
I decided to pick 2 styles only for Php 399.75
One Into The Wild - see this cute tiger prints
Another from Denim Therapy - though I should admit
that this is quite picky when it comes to clothes and colors.

Overall, I'm determined all right,
but determined to be happy
even my wallet has been shaved by some few bucks. Hihi. -CMK



  1. I will definitely but these!

    1. Ayah Dear! ♥ It's available on all major SM Department Stores Nationwide. Hihih.. They all look soo adorable! :)

  2. oooh. thanks for posting this! i havent been to SM for quite some time now... and I have to check this out. I am inlove with animal and floral prints these days..:)


    1. Hi Michelle! Haha. Right - they have so many cute designs specially the animal prints ♥ Dropped by your blog too. Nicey! Stay fashionable :)

  3. My sister also bought a lot of pairs from SM because of these 2 for 399.75 deals! I'm so jealous that they don't go up to my shoe size. :(


    1. Hello Abi - I see. Maybe you can try at Forever 21. They have equally stunning flats there. (SM Makati / SM Megamall). Your blog is a such a sweetie! ♥ Thanks for dropping by (hugs)

  4. My mom and I's favorite flats! Very cute & affordable. But whenever they don't have size 5, I buy in the kids department and splurge on 4 pairs hihi. (349.75/2 pair for kids hehe)

  5. Aha! I have that blue floral flats in the third photo! :P Kaso nabutas na po siya, yun lang yung naging sira nung saken, sayang :((


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