Monday 25 June 2012


Jay : *driving* Gutom na ko (I'm hungry).
Mom : Kain muna tayo sa Bag of Beans (Let's go eat at Bag of Beans).
CMK : * Smiling * Yey!
Jay : Ayoko dun. Di naman ako nabubusog don. (Nope - I don't find their food filling).
CMK : * Rolling Eyes *
Daddy : Hanapin na lang ang bulalohan na sinasabi ni Jay dun na lang tayo kumain.
(Let's go find that special food store that Jay's talking about, and eat there.)
Jay : Sa Bag of Beans na lang mag-dessert (Bag of Beans for dessert!)
CMK : Okies. Best of both worlds.

And so - that's how we got at M&M Bulalohan.
I've seen Tagaytay a couple of times but I haven't seen this side of hers.
I'm glad I succumbed to the idea of trying this place.

It's not that fancy but here are some reasons why you should at least try:

1. You will eat overlooking the lush greens of Taal Volcano.
2. They have the best bulalo, fried squid and fried tawilis (fish).
3. Prices are reasonable. They serve the food hot.
4. Fruit stand above offers best fresh fruits at a meager price
(4 big pineapples for Php100 - seriously!).
5. Lastly - it's just a fun way to eat a hot soup surrounded by nature!

How hot is that?!
When we're about to leave - Mom asked - "Where's Kristine Anne (CMK)"?
They found me here. Heheh..

Tadaan! Making chikka with Manong!
I was about to buy that big langka (jackfruit) down there but
when Mom told me that I should be the one carrying it
after we parked Reddie (my car's name) -- I've changed my mind. Sob!
Till Next time Manong :) -CMK.



  1. If you have the chance to visit Laguna, you should try Aviles Bulalohan at Real. It's along the highway so it's easy to spot. Masarap yung bulalo nila :)

  2. Since Louise invited you to try a resto in Laguna, I guess I'll grab this opportunity to do the same. hehe. Me so clever XD

    You should try Rose and Grace Restaurant which can be located at Sto. Tomas Batangas. It is claimed to be the home of original Batangas bulalo and they have a lot of savory dishes, truely Pinoy. :) Basta kain lang po moderately, kasi it'll drive your cholesterol too high. XD


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