Tuesday 26 June 2012


"Should-have-been-clearer" snapshot aside,
Maxi Dress is evolving to be one of today's fashion staples.
It mimics our lola's printed dusters before!
Colors and styles may vary
but the comfort factor is still there.

Dress from Mags
Fuchsia Knitted from The Landmark
Brown Bag from Longchamp
Slippers from Havaianas

As much as we like, we can't wear this royalty every day,
at least on a tropical weather like ours,
but when you're traveling on some windy place,
why not indulge your girly side?

Some tips before going with the flow:

♣ Add a Color Pop! Thanks to Korean Craze,
neon pink and red combination
are somewhat normal these days.

♣ Monochromatic and Color blocks are hot in here.

♣ When pairing the dress with a cardigan (knitted cover up)
-- choose a plain solid color to balance the whole outfit.

♣ For footwear - best bet are wedges,
gladiator sandals or your good ole havs.

Here are some celebrity gypsies caught on cam.

Last inspiration for today wears
neon blue maxi dress and neon green cardigan...
sounds not-so?
Gee - she pulls everything so well.
From her fedora hat, cat-eye glasses and maxi combi,
here she comes with her cute daughter!

Dressing up is such a stress reliever. -CMK

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