Thursday 7 June 2012


Photo Credit : Asia Travel

Every once so often, we need to book our hotel for our domestic or international flights. And with the info overload of cyber world, we can easily be overwhelmed. Hence, let me bring you my top secret for travel ease the past 4 years. Asia Travel!

I guess the KEY is SIMPLICITY. We're just too tired to click and click with too few information just to find out that the total price to pay is way above our budget. Such a downer. You won't have that problem with Asiatravel. This site has been my buddy years ago. Thanks to one of my most well-traveled friend, Ryan who has first shared me the site. 

That being said, the MAIN thing that appalled me is that it provides the LOWEST price ever (generally, in my humble opinion).

The Site? The Steps? CMK's own hotel booking sample? Here goes:

1. If you're looking for hotel deals, log in to their site HERE.
2. Select destination, dates, number of nights, then surfaway.
3. And oh, their payment confirmation is such a breeze too. It's all in ONE page. Their cost breakdown (payment, vat, charges) - in simple form.

My sample snapshot, Booking date : 18th May 2012

PS: Again, please, I am not an Asiatravel agent, just one happy cyber soul.
I suggest you Bellas try it.
You'll thank me for it.
Cheers to Travelling! -CMK.

Photo Credit : Asia Travel



  1. I agree! ;) I love them to bits!

    I love that they offer na rin free cash vouchers. I swear, nakamura ka na.. may additional discount pa! Download your cash vouchers here if you want: ;)

    I've been booking with them since 2006 and now I'm one of their travel ambassadors! I think you should apply too! ;)

    1. Wow Maye! Thanks for this info. I never knew about their travel ambassadors. I'd love to be one! When my schedule is a bit free - I'll explore more on that.

      Thank you for visiting and for this information :) Hope to see more of your comments here. Cheers! ♥

  2. Thank you for this information. I've been looking something like this.Now I found this, I could have save time for using some websites for booking hotels.Good job.

  3. Hi there! I came across your blog when I was searching for testimonials about asiatravel PH. Are they really legit? I mean, in terms of services and bookings, you get what you pay for? Sorry, it's my first time seeing their site and I wanted to make sure :)

    Kindly email me: or contact me in my site

    Thanks for your help!

    1. Hi Miss. April - I believe they're legit since they've been around for quite some time. In terms of bookings - you need to be on-the- look-out for the best buy rates. You can sort naman their listings via recommended category or from lowest to highest fee, etc. :)

      As regards the service, this solely depends on hotel, I think. I've booked Regalia, Microtel MOA, Hotel Kimberly (Tagaytay) and One Tagaytay - and they're okay naman. Hope this helps - I'll be sending this reply to your email addy too!

  4. Hi Kristine. Great to hear that you are happy with Asiatravel Philipines. I had a really bad experience with that company. Their booking system doesn't work stable and I wasn't able to finish my booking. This company saved my credit card details and charged my credit card 2 days after I tried to book - and this without permission. I was already on my journey and used another platform to book the hotel. The hotel had 2 bookings. I paid twice!!! Asistravel Philipines travel system makes mistakes, but they are not willing to pay the money back, that they charged illegally from me. I Can't recommend anybody Asiatravel Philipines - it was an expensive stay!!! Maybe they are cheap, but the way how they make business and threat the customers is not ok!

    1. Agree i was ripped off by them too and would warn others to avoid Asiatravel at all costs (Google reviews!)

  5. Avoid Asiatravel at all costs. We were ripped off by them after booking a hotel in Cambodia and told upon checkin to pay an extra surcharge as it was booked through Asiatravel. Our voucher clearly stated the room booking was prepaid and not to pay any further room rate. We tried contacting them 5 times and were hung up on 5 times, exasperated we checked into another hotel forfeiting our room booking and losing hundreds of dollars. Shocking customer service and would avoid at all costs - warning do not use this website!!

  6. I've used Asiatravel a few times over the last 4-5 years. In Singapore, and also the Philippines (Makati and Bacolod). Only had one issue where the hotel in Bacolod claimed they never received the reservation from Asiatravel. I pulled out my copy of the reservation and they did give us a room and they sorted it out with Asiatravel the next day. Otherwise, all other instances I've used them, have been fine. I have gotten very good deals in Makati - almost 50% lower than the other popular booking websites like Expedia and Agoda - but they are not always the cheapest so do shop around. And check the fine print that your Asiatravel booking, for example, has the free breakfast etc that the other sites may offer etc. So far, I'm pretty happy with them.

  7. CharlesOfPerth19 May 2016 at 06:57

    Just as a footnote my wife just got back from a trip to Manila & Bacolod. She stayed in Makati at Crown Regency for a couple days before going to Bacolod and again for a few days on the way back to Oz - same hotel. Booked thru problems at all. The rate was a huge discount to what other sites were charging - and she got the free buffet breakfast as advertised.

  8. thank you for the updated comments in this blog. This will be a big help for me since i will be trying this to book a friend of mine.

  9. I am sorry I did not see the bad reviews of this company before I got ripped off on our flight to and from China. I originally made a reservation on line, their website changed the date and I could not correct it so I had to go to their office. I went to their office to make my ticket changes and the "senior ticketing officer" Nadia, basically double over charged us for a flight from Guangzhou to Don Muang.

    She told us that if we bought the ticket direct ourselves it would cost us the same as she was charging us. It turned out we could have gotten the same ticket for less than half of what she charged us. The agent lied to our faces and the employees at this company will stop at nothing to cheat and lie to the customers. They have no working ethics and will tell the customers whatever they want to hear to get their money.

    I would NOT recommend using this company for air, hotel or any travel needs. You cannot trust them. I strongly suggest to you to find another company. This company does not understand truth and honesty. Stay away, far far away from this company.

    "you cannot have a sunny future with a shady business"

    This company does not care about their customers, only the money from them. DO not deal with them you will regret it. I think any good reviews for this company were put up by them. Anyone dealing with them would know how dishonest they are. You cannot trust them and stay away, FAR FAR AWAY

  10. So dam confusing as usual some say great others say awful was going to book some night safari tickets with them price is good chiang mai

  11. I have nothing good to say about asiatravel. I am alarmed that Citibank eveb tied up with this company for their promotions. Price is good but customer service will make you back out! Shady service. I would never give them my credit card details.

  12. Asiatravel is a scam company, I have more than the bad experience with them three times, they are scammers and money suckers, one of their games that they don't amend any booking and they will steal your money. Sometimes you request a reservation and the system will return different date so once you finish your booking you will discover that you are scammed and they will never refund you

    Simply Stay Away from Asiatravel scam

    There are many good agents all over the world but avoid this agent
    Asia travel was good before 2012, but now they are a scammer company


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