Thursday 3 May 2012


Meet Ramon Bautista.
University of the Philippines (UP) Professor.
Sensible (ndi lang laging halata pero he is).
Internet Action Star as he funnily puts himself on his twitter.
One of a kind.
Classic Filipino Just-for-Laughs-with-a-Thought Guy.

Shallow of me, I know. But I smiled and smirked when I saw he favorited my tweet. In fairness to him - he's paying attention to a commoner, isn't it?  It goes like this, he tweeted this.

from his twitter account

My twitter mind goes #relatemuch so I replied in the most corny way I can pull saying
(Epic na Wagas pa!...) He favorited my tweet.

Here's another one... pang Ms. Universe ang peg!

Photo Credit: RB's tumblr account

With all the pa-bibo's and pa-profound public figures all around - having his "saktong-hirit" is such a treat to our brains. Well, it doesn't mean that he's 100% right, but dude, believe me, he's not 100% wrong either. For that - May TAMA ka Ramon Bautista! Haha! To view his tumblr account. Click HERE. -CMK.


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