Tuesday 22 May 2012


Just recently, I've been having
a bad case of chapped lips (think : desert soil cracks). And while I am ready to ignore them, they seem to get painful by the day. :( I'm not a fan of lip balms as I think I could do better with real lipstick plus lip gloss combination but out of dire need, I looked for one to ease that cracked feeling on my lips.

At Watson's - I was overwhelmed by the world of lip balms. Aloe, SPF, Flavors, the works! And after all that shuffling and thinking, I've picked Maybelline's Baby Lips Lip Balm. The packaging got me curious and I think its features are quite a lot. 

Happy Thoughts!
☺8 hour moisture promise.
☺ SPF 20 (highest lip balm SPF among the rack)
☺ Anti-Oxidant Berry
☺ For less than Php 100.00 (great catch)

Wishful Thoughts!
☻Cap was not that easy to twist and open.
☻You have to re-apply within 8-hours (but it depends how you define moisture).
☻I wish that the scent is more berry-liscous.

CMK Thinks : This chick provides the moisture coverage one needs. This is definitely a must-try crack buster. Considering the brand and its value for money, it's 2 pouts up!

Let's put it to test!
Note: Following lip swatches are taken and posted RAW (no wishy wash edits!)
This is what my lips look like BEFORE I applied the lip balm.

SPELL CHAPPY! You've been warned!

Swipe. Swipe. Swipe. Swipe!
Presenting... the AFTER peg (drum rolls please!)

Not 100% cured. But better. Agree?

Tadaan! It actually has a promise to give a rejuvenated lips in 1 week time.

I hope it will.
I have read somewhere that we can apply
a lip balm too before swiping a lipstick.
You think that's a good idea? Hmm.. Sounds like a plan! -CMK.


  1. that's a good one, that'll be next on my lipbalm line up :) nivea fruity balm is also a good pick tin! :)

    1. Wow. Will try Nivea pretty soon! Thanks for dropping by Len ♥

  2. My brother gave me this as a gift. It's okay but I still prefer the fruit flavors of Nivea :)


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