Monday 21 May 2012


To take some quick hiatus from fashion and beauty,
allow me to share with you what I had for lunch after
my quick 15-minute exercise (click HERE) earlier.
Nothing fancy, I suddenly realized that
Tokyo-Tokyo serves some yummy Maki collection.

Spicy Beef Maki is my favorite!
It has that Cayene Pepper Spice balanced out
by a tinge of Cream Cheese and Teriyaki sauce. 

They have the following sets:
California Maki, American Ham Maki
Tempura Maki and Spicy Beef Maki.
To view how each of them look like, please indulge further!

Photo Credit : Google Images

They come by 4's and 8's.
Ranging from about Php 60.00 for 4's
and Php 100.00 by 8's.

It's such a nice break from our everyday lunch.
Next time you hear your tummy grumbling,
I know where you're headed!
Moshi-Moshi (^.^)

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  1. The goodness of sushi that I cannot get enough of. Yuuum!


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