Tuesday 24 April 2012


According to The Smell Report, "The association of fragrance and emotion is not an invention of poets or perfume-makers." What we smell directly affects our brain (think of a movie scene where a victim was forcefully asked to sniff and then she suddenly fell asleep). Now - that's food for thought.

I am surfing the net when I passed by some perfumes used by people, generally. And then a thought hit me, maybe I should share my Top 3 Scent-sational Finds with you guys. How about that?

Top #1 goes to Clinique Happy Heart. Ultimate pick it is because it's Eau de Parfum, long lasting than Eau de Toilette. It has that citrus type of sniff that jives with CMK so well. Few whiffs will last for hours. This is perfect for client meetings, even formal events. I had it for the longest. Ever since university days, I am a fan of Clinique both "Happy Heart" and simply "Happy".

Top #2 goes to Moschino Funny. Judging by what's left on this bottle, this potion is a must. It's actually my first time to try Moschino brand and I am glad I did! Bottle is packed with fresh aroma. Perfect for everyday use. Specially now that summer's here, this is a bare necessity. Also, the packaging is adorable. It even has a pink ribbon when I bought it. Sweet!

Top #3 goes to Earth Therapy. This one's not that used yet; since I bought it just recently from my Seoul trip. Nature Republic - known for being organic, this scent seems to cool you down and perk you up at the same time. You can use it while working. Like, when you're just taking a few minutes break and you want to stretch a little. Take time to sniff a little too. 

Since smell affects our mood, we should consider what goes in to our nostrils. Good smells produce good smile. Good smile could lead to endless possibilities. Be kind to your nose. -CMK.


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  1. You should try Guilty by Gucci. It's this gold thing -- very pretty bottle, and the scent is just right. A spray or two would do. One of my fave :)


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