Monday 23 April 2012


Nice seeing a trimmed waistline and lean body. But our next question is - how long does it really take to get that supreme physique? I, for one, has tried much. I mean that much. But I always find myself caught up in a weight plateau (put simply, only 1 to 2 lbs of weight loss).

Last night, I was browsing some magazines, when I noticed this phrase. 15-Minutes: the amount of time that you need to be healthy. Notice the words, HEALTHY and not SEXY (though I would love to achieve both... laughs!)

I realized that what's important is to "motivate" yourself to exercise primarily NOT to lose tons of weight but to just be plain healthy. Put simply:

By doing so, we're getting rid of our unrealistic expectation that we would be losing this much. After being relieved with the burden of achieving-much, we can now enjoy that little 15 minutes of our day to plainly remove toxins away from our bodies and feel refreshed after. Not yet convinced? Help yourselves with these reasons why #it's more fun to sweat:

* It relieves stress. That feeling after releasing fair amount of sweat? Priceless.
* 15 minutes is 15 minutes. You can browse your FB in as much as 1 hour. Don't deny. The key is not to find time but to MAKE time.
* It energizes you. Sluggish feeling? You won't have that after some brisk walking. 

Lastly, here are some helpful insight from

"For the sedentary, the key is this: Some exercise is better than none.
"Get off the couch and start moving," says I-Min Lee of the Harvard School of Public Health.

In a study published in Circulation earlier this month, Lee and colleagues found that people who engaged in 15 minutes a day of moderate physical activity had a 14-percent lower risk of heart disease compared with inactive people.

That research, combining the results of nearly three dozen studies of people from North America and Europe, also found that the benefit increased with more activity and may provide more motivation to the physically fit.

People should strive to do the recommended level of exercise, but should not be discouraged if they can't achieve it right away. Start slow and gradually build up.

"As inactive persons start moving, they may very well find that they become more fit" and reaching their exercise goal becomes easier, Lee says. "For complete info click HERE.

15 minutes is only 1% of your entire 24 hour day. Try it. Notice that good change in you. Sabay tayo! (Let's do it togetah!) -CMK


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