Wednesday 4 January 2012


Best things in life are free. I couldn't agree more. Here are the Top 5 of the most powerful (and free) websites that made my life easier this year. Note: Click on each link title to access their site.

Top 5. Join Me. It's like a Webex. Only difference is it's free. While you can share your screen on Skype, it's only good for one-to-one call. Functionality of this site is you can share your screen with two or more individuals. 

Top 4. PDF Converter. It's a web-based PDF Converter. I am not sure why but I can't seem to find a free download-able PDF Converter program. So here's the bonggang workaround! All you have to do is upload a word file on this link, then input your email address. After a few minutes, pdf file will be sent to your email addy.

Top 3. Spa Compilations. Admit it. There are times that you need some word-less tunes. This site mimics the playlist being aired when you're getting that heavenly massage. Only don't forget that, if you're working, you have to be alive, alert, awake , enthusiastic!

Top 2.Blogger. My blog platform. No less. It is user friendly and less cluttered. Plus you can change the look via html. Everything is so easy and all you need to do is to type your heart out. 

Top 1. Pinoy-Ako. Best site discovery for the year! You can watch local channels live and archived videos. With some movies too. But really - I jumped up and down because even though I was 7-hours time zone away (when I was out of the country), I still got the chance to see my favorite tele-novelas. :)  

So there, ladies and gentlemen, are the helpful sites that I've seen this year. Hope we can unravel some cool sites this 2012! If you knew some - please share it with me ;) And, oh, a little something from Steve Jobs. -CMK


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  1. Thanks for this Miss K :D I've tried Pinoy-ako and watched ABS-CBN's program replays :D (That Winter the Wind Blows). Best to watch in Tagalog dub :)


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