Saturday 7 January 2012


Back in my university days, I recall how we did outreach activities of various kinds. Jam-packed activities that come naturally specially if you are part of an organization. Little did I know that one activity will be a permanent fixture of my life and for that - I'm definitely all out for the Orphans and Angels. There's an orphanage which we visited years ago. Name is Home for the Angels. It's a shelter for those babies with age 0 - 3 years old. Babies who have a 2nd life even before they were born. Their moms thought of aborting them for so many reasons but thankfully, life prevails.

How I wish I could show you all their angelic faces but I can't. It's prohibited to take pictures with them. This is to protect their privacy, specially if they will have future moms and dads. Just to share what transpired on that heart-warming day...

Home for the Angels 2306 Coral St. cor. A Francisco Street  San Andres Bukid, Manila, 1107 Philippines Telephone Number: (632) 562-8085 Email: 

Each month there's a birthday party for the babies. This is to celebrate their birthdays. Complete with balloons, cakes, the works! 

Yours Truly, Tita Raquel, Bridgette (niece), Mom, Tita Cora (from Home for the Angels)

I am no angel but each time I remember the babies who have no mom beside them, I really feel this surge of compassion deep in me. All I know is that I can make a difference in their lives on my own little way. My prayer is that all of the babies will find their loving parents who can take care of them and shower them with much loving-kindness. -CMK

"Being unwanted, unloved, uncared for, forgotten by everybody, I think that is a much greater hunger, a much greater poverty than the person who has nothing to eat."  --Mother Teresa


  1. Never visited any orphanage before Miss K :( I wanted to visit this one if I'll have an opportunity will strike. I have a relative living in San Andres.


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