Thursday 19 January 2012


Girls will always be girls. They'll have lots of clothes in their closets. Yet, there are times that we have to separate timeless classics from fleeting trends. Say, when you're out on a business trip and there's a constraint [think: baggage allowance], we need to stick with threads like these 8 masterpieces!

1. Red Blazer. Or any other blazer for that matter. Since Red / Tangerine are known to be the 2012 color - this will spice up any basic palette wardrobe.

2. White Long Sleeves. Pair it with slacks or jeans and your out that door.

3. Skinny Jeans. Comes handy specially on Casual Fridays. Pair it with Pumps for that va-va-voom feel. Pair it with flats if you're on to some serious shopping spree.

4. Sundress. Whether maxi dress or little sundress. Summer is more fun with pops of colors.

5. Pumps. This item will spruce up even the most basic apparel. You'll never go wrong with black. Tip: When investing with classic items, make it a point to buy good quality ones. Either that, or your feet will do the talking!

6. Slacks. This is perfect specially for day-to-night agenda. Pair this number with bling-blings and colors. This works wonder.

7. Little Black Dress. Of course. From a corporate presentation. To a dinner date. Or just a bonding time with your girls, this is a sure-fire hit.

8. Flats. Visit blogs years ago and notice that flats are not considered as a fashion staple but believe me things change! They are definitely making a comeback on fashion stage. Tip: If you're not used into wearing high heels for hours, make sure to stack these goodies. They are to the rescue! Enjoy Shopping! -CMK.


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  1. In just 8 items, you're ready to go! All these stuffs were included in my list whenever we attend seminars which took less/more than a week :)


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