Tuesday 17 January 2012

GOING BANANA-licious at Contis

One lazy Sunday afternoon, Mom and I happened to drop by at Contis Greenbelt to catch up with each other's stories. I really had this craving since last week. I un-friended the bannoffee stuffs due to some not-so-good experiences with most bakeshops. Yet, when I got to taste Contis' version of Banana-licious pie - I had a change of (♥) !

Combined with fruity, cold and creamy palate, the pie itself is heaven! Banana's were not soaked into sugar so that's good. The consistency is just right. It has the cashew and tofee medley. I can say she's a sister of their flagship cake, Mango Bravo.
Now, let's talk coffee. Contis brews one of most tasty coffee there is. They are bitter-sweet. Just the way coffee addicts love. They offer Splenda. And best part is - it's refillable. Just tell to the waiter that you're ready to have the 'complimentary refill'. How politically correct is that? ;) Should you have that itch to indulge because it's your cheat day, set foot on their branches in Alabang Town Center, Greenbelt or Serendra. -CMK.


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  1. WOw! Unli coffee! :D Do they have unli tea too? :) I'll provide the creamer myself XD How much for the banana pie Miss K? Perhaps price range changed after a year -_-


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