Friday 5 August 2011

Why One Should Travel More Often?

Let's Go and Travel!
1. Travelling gets you out of your comfort zone.
When you go places, you set foot to the unfamiliar. Suddenly, your toothbrush is not on the same place anymore. You pack your things, unpack them, then pack again. Simple things you often overlook becomes important, specially if you left them at home [think: Contact Lenses]

2. Travelling allows you to meet places and people.
Classic reason. Yet always real. You see how folks get up at morning, do their coffee, get ready for work. It broadens your horizon.

3. Travelling makes you try new things.
You realize that hanging-bridge walking is not as easy when you watch folks doing it on NatGeo Channel. You now know first-handedly what it feels like to jump off with your swimsuit and little orange-lifesaver-jacket. Wearing that... wearing only that!

4. Travelling inspires.
It inspires you to love life (especially if you thought you would've died on your hanging-bridge experience).
It inspires you to work. Either because you love your work or you have to earn again to finance your next trip. It inspires you to get back and live your 'normal' life and plan for the next trip ahead. *wink!

5. Travelling 'forces' you to shut up and contemplate.
Whether by bus or plane. 1-hour or 8-hour travel.
Peeps are compelled to take a seat.
And sometimes, all we need is just that.
No more. No Less. ;) -CMK

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