Thursday 11 August 2011

An Encounter with a Coffee Bean

Yuppies all over need to find a place where they can eat, work or have a sip of good old coffee. If you happen to be @ Greenbelt Makati, be sure to check out The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf (CBTL) shop.

CBTL goodies rock. Coffees are superb. Ambiance, work-friendly (specially at The Residences Greenbelt CBTL Branch. I must say, I discovered another cool thing there, my swirl card. :)

Back track: One Monday, me and my friends decided to Work from CBTL. And that was my first encounter with the swirl card.

Taste [and rewards] matters
Your Name Here!

Like any other cards, it's more of a reward card plus so much more:

*Every P100 you spend on each individual receipt at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf earns you 5 points.For example, if you spend P220 in a single purchase, you get 10 points.

*Every 1 point is equivalent to P1, which you can spend right away at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. With just 10 points, you can upsize your drink on the spot!

*Not only are Swirl Rewards points as good as cash, they’re valuable in and of themselves! Enjoy free WiFi access with any purchase at any of our stores plus more members-only perks and promos.


It's in the Beans.Not sure why but their coffee captures all the attitudes I want in a cup. You might wanna try my classic fave: Mocha Latte with 1 extra espresso shot. Extra hot. In a to-go cup.
Tip: If you want your coffee to be hot for a longer period, opt for a to-go cup. Better yet, bring your own (cup that is).

CBTL ♥ Charity.

Underneath the classy cups and nice vibes lie a good heart. They support an organization called U! Happy Events. A glimpse of their latest project:

"You can make a difference in the lives of children with cancer! Please help and support our friends at U! Happy Events . There are endless opportunities to brighten someone's day; to make a difference; to strengthen our communities. I, U, WE can all make a difference!"

Simply Freebies.

Freebies are all around... if you'll look at the right places ;) You can use your Belle de Jour Coupons to upsize your cup and avail of their countless freebies! CBTL occasionally announces Open-House on one of their branches [think : free Cookies & Cream Ice Blended] They also pass around 'thank-you' e-mails with free coffee-coupons. Just make sure you have a lotta friends who'll remember to forward the good news to you.

So, next time you want to finish that term paper, wrap up  your to-do list, or have a hearty chit-chat with your girls, CBTL is a perfect hub for you. -CMK.


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