Friday 18 February 2022

Luxury Serviced Apartment Features That Tourists Look

 Serviced apartments are quite popular for tourists today. They offer the freedom to live and eat according to your wishes. That is something that hotels and lodges do not provide.

More and more tourists are taking time off to explore places for a few months. Hotels or any lodge can be quite expensive. Moreover, staycations have given a boost to the serviced apartment category today. These are cheaper than rentals for long-term stays as well. Serviced apartments are also considered clean and hygienic compared to hotels, lodges, and bed and breakfast options.

You do not interact with front desk personnel or other staff. You book an apartment and get the key from a representative. The next moment, you can get a drop at the complex and check-in according to your comfort. App-based check-ins are pretty standard, too. With less touch-based paperwork and formalities as with hotels, these seem to be high on the list of tourists today. Their features are the main thing to consider. Read about the most desired features that tourists look for in new-age serviced apartments and their benefits.


While looking for serviced apartments, tourists want properties near popular tourist attractions. Additionally, if a tourist plans to visit a beach, an apartment near the beach is preferable. Suppose you want to travel independently without any definite itinerary and enjoy shopping in the evenings. Accommodation in a prime location is your best bet. No one wants to spend a lot of money on transport, especially for international locations. It can be pretty excessive.

In the case of mountain resorts, tourists want a serviced apartment nestled between hills. It allows the tourists to get the best views of the peaks of mountains, without any obstacles. It is the same scenario for beaches. Travelers love to sit on the balcony of their serviced apartments and enjoy the sea breeze after sundown. Therefore, location is an important feature that tourists will look for.

Advanced Amenities

Tourists who book serviced apartments are very demanding. Hotel and lodge facilities might not rank high for such people. Therefore, serviced apartments are preferred as they have state-of-the-art facilities in-house. You will come across smart kitchens in such properties. Their pantries have touch-less faucets, minibars, refrigerators, unique hobs, and multi-functional water purifying systems. That is any day more than what public hotels can offer. So these tourists look for hygiene and safety. In the present times, such refiners also come with high-power filtration and COVID-19 secure processes. You will find the best lockers or safes in the cupboards that only you can access.

Most serviced apartment companies will share the OTP directly with the person booking the apartment. So you can keep all high-value belongings there. The rooms also have smart lights that get dim when there is no human activity around. These are some top features that tourists look for. Wi-Fi is another facility that most people cannot do without. It is especially true for business tourists. Most modern properties also come with gyms and jogging tracks. So, that will enable you to continue with your fitness regime while on your tour. However, not all will have all of these facilities. So, it makes sense to check before you book.

Safety and Security

Apart from the amenities, safety is also a huge concern here. Most serviced apartment property owners are serious about general security, apart from safes and lockers inside the cupboards. They have systems that put serviced apartments under continuous monitoring with CCTV cameras. You can easily find that out from surveying the surroundings.

A video door phone may also signify that you are at the right place. You can also check if the property has 24/7 guards at the gates or not. Some of the best serviced apartments will also verify their guards' antecedents. So, you will be safe on your tour.


Most people choose such apartments because of the sheer space they have. You cannot get a better deal in any hotel. The rooms of most hotels are of standard sizes. Furthermore, the rooms in lodges are smaller, and most have shared bathrooms. You will often notice that hotel rooms with star category amenities are higher than serviced apartments.

Moreover, it offers more privacy than hotels and suites. That is the sole reason why singles or families choose such properties today. They are cheaper for pricing as well.

Most tourists look for the above features in serviced apartments. Thus, they are in high demand today. You should choose serviced accommodation while traveling for all the luxury and convenience. However, before selecting one, ensure that it satisfies all your desired requirements.


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