Tuesday 16 March 2021

Top 5 Tips for Accessorising on a Budget



If you love your accessories but have limited funds, don’t worry. There are plenty of fun ways to up your fashion game without breaking the bank. You can look for second-hand pieces or even upcycle some of your own using household items. Anything’s possible if you’re creative enough, and it’ll only make your look more unique and personal. Give your pocketbook a break this spring and find cheaper ways to spice up your outfits. Here are five tips for accessorising on a budget.

Look for sales and offers

One of the easiest options is to browse online for sales and offers. Websites like Raise offer coupons and discount codes for various different websites, so it's useful to have a browse online to see what's available. When you're living on a budget - this is crucial! You can check out the fantastic range at the guess earrings sale, or look in your favourite shops for discounts. Even artisanal designers offer affordable pieces along with promos and referral discounts. Have a look on social media and see if you can support a budding designer and get some money off by recommending them to a friend.

Check out charity shops

For a budget-friendly and sustainable option, check out local charity shops and online second-hand shops. You can find a range of accessories that are still in a near-perfect condition while doing your bit for a good cause. Charity shops are on every corner and many of them even sell products online.

Make your own

If you have an artistic flair you could even try making your own accessories. Look for household items at home that you can upcycle into original jewellery. You could even revamp some old or second-hand accessories and turn them into stylish pieces. Here are some examples of DIY accessories projects to give you inspiration. If you’re lacking confidence in your craft skills, research designers that have made creative accessories using recycled materials. You’ll definitely find a worthy conversation piece.

Swap with friends

Host a swap shop party for your friends and bring all the accessories you no longer wear. You can exchange them for free while enjoying a few glasses of wine and some snacks. Everybody’s guilty of having an overflowing jewellery box of items they’ve got tired of, or even an excessive handbag collection. You can even visit a swap shop online where you can either exchange items or get second-hand accessories for low prices.

Save on your specs

If you’re a glasses wearer, you’ll know it’s difficult to shop for specs on a budget. There is a cheaper way to accessorise your face, however. Invest in the right frames for you that you can keep for a long time and only get the lenses replaced when you need to. This way you won’t need to fork out for a whole new pair of glasses each time. 

Accessorising doesn’t necessarily need to be indulgent. There are plenty of creative and sustainable ways you can add to your look without spending much money. Get online and research ways to make your own jewellery and check out all the fabulous second-hand options. You’ll easily find something to suit your own unique personality and style.


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