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When we think of getaways, many of us automatically think of beach breaks. We think of hot and sunny destinations where we can kick back and relax beside a pool. We look for all inclusive hotels where we don’t have to worry about cooking or cleaning and can have our bed made for us each day. We think about splashing in the sea and winding down on the beach. But it’s important to remember that this isn’t the only type of holiday available. City breaks are a pretty great option too! Now, city break planning does tend to take a little more planning than your standard beach break. After all, there’s often a lot more to do and activities and sights you want to pack into your experience. So, to help you to get the most from your trip, here are a few suggestions! Image Source

Choose Your Location

First, you need to decide where you want to go. Now, there are all sorts of locations that you might want to try out. Some of the most popular city breaks in the world include:

  • New York

  • Paris

  • London

  • Barcelona

  • Amsterdam

  • Prague

  • Rome

  • Dublin

But this isn’t where the list ends! There are countless cities out there, each with something completely unique to offer. So, do your research, determine where you want to go and then you can advance onto the next step.

Booking Your Accommodation

Cities don’t tend to have quite as many huge towering hotel complexes. Instead, you are more likely to stay in apartments. It’s generally recommended that you opt for luxury apartments during your stay. Many people think that they won’t spend as much time in here, as they’ll be out all day, so they just need somewhere basic to rest their head. But after a long day out sightseeing and walking around the city, you’ll really appreciate a touch of luxury to wind down in. Whether that’s being able to cook a nice meal easily, running yourself a warm bath or snuggling into a soft and cosy bed.

Creating a Checklist

Chances are you’ve chosen a certain location because there are particular things you want to do there. It’s a good idea to create a checklist or itinerary that will allow you to do everything you want to during your trip. If you leave everything until you get there, chances are you will miss a fair few things through lack of organisation. When creating your checklist and itinerary, you could see if you can book tickets in advance. This can often help you to skip queues. It’s also a good idea to not overload yourself. You want to enjoy yourself while you’re away. Avoid overfilling your itinerary, as this can cause you to rush from one place to another, not really taking anything in.

So, there you have it. Of course, there are other steps you’re likely to take when planning the perfect city break. But the three outlined above are perhaps the most important!


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