Thursday 11 June 2020


Hello everyone! Hope you are all well, safe and healthy. Join me as I walk you around our London flat. It's far from perfect but this has always been my favourite place. If you're wondering what's the cost of living in London - this YouTube video might interest you. This season taught me so many things, and on top of the list is to be thankful. Sure there are so many challenges 2020 has presented, but there are good things as well. We just need to look closer and dig deeper. I am a bit sad that our wedding has been postponed this year but our marriage is doing really well - which I think is more important. I won't lie, we have been looking forward to it but I trust God's plans are always the best plus I see it as - I have another year to plan! Not everyone has been given that chance! I hope you like the video, if you do - please click on the thumbs up and subscribe if you haven't already - it helps my little channel in ways more than you can imagine. Thanks a lot and see you next time! -CMK


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