Sunday 8 December 2019


There is a plethora of things to do and restaurants to try in London, that's true. However, there is this one quaint cake shop tucked in the heart of the city that is worth visiting over and over again. I hate to admit it but there was a phase when I'd willingly take a bus, get some take-away corks (mini-cupcakes) then rush back home. Let me introduce you to KONDITOR. You see, it's not this year that we've discovered the shop. It was back in 2017 when we passed by their little but not short of decoration and good pastries shop at Spitalfields. I remember it was named as Konditor & Cook back then, I didn't know what happened but there's been a rebrand the past months.

My tastebuds rekindled its love affair with Konditor when there's this one time I came from a client site and I was at my usual station (Waterloo). I really fancied a cake then but just enough to satisfy my sweet tooth. I pulled out good old Google map and voila! I discovered there's Konditor a few walks away from the station. The corks (below) are the star of the show. I can't count how many corks I've inhaled the past months, haha! As of this typing, I just indulged on two chocolate 'noissete' (a French word for Hazelnut) and a red velvet cork. Unfortunately, they discontinued the chocolate raspberry ones. I know! I was broken hearted but I got over it in the end. We both love it so much that this would be our unanimous vote for our wedding cake! Good times! -CMK


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