Saturday 14 December 2019


I discovered one of my most favourite life hacks during our trip to Venice last year. There we were, exploring each crevice of this picturesque place when we chanced upon a rustic coffee shop with a minimalist ambiance. We sniffed a whiff of an Italian espresso and that's all it took to make us step into the shop. Long story short, we visited the coffee shop each day of our trip and when we're about to go, we decided to get a pack of ground coffee as a souvenir. After that trip, our coffee life (if there's such a thing) changed forever.

Before all this, I was Pret A Manger dependent. There was even a point that I braved the snow to get my coffee fix. That was until I discovered I can make a coffee from home. It's so easy and here's all that you need:

a. Moka espresso coffee maker (Bialetti Venus Induction Stove-top Coffee Maker)
b. Ground coffee (Grumpy mule is our favourite)
c. Innocent hazelnut milk (I like it because it only has four ingredients)

That's it! I don't put sweetener in my coffee because the hazelnut and coffee combination is more than enough to transport me into the coffee heaven! If I'm not sleeping in a hotel due to client onsite visits, I always have my coffee at 7 am without fail. Another cheeky hack is, if I do want to prolong my intermittent fasting, I sneak in another cup at 10 am and that's a sure fire way to keep me feeling fuller until lunch time. I won't advocate doing that especially if your tummy is not used to it but it works for me, personally. 

This saves me a ton of money plus making coffee at home means I don't have to go out in the cold to enjoy a steaming cup of coffee. I have a two cup limit a day because too much of it gives me acid reflux. I'd dare say that this warm cup of magic always set me up for a good day ahead. As simple as it is, this is one life-changing thing that I'll be forever thankful for. -CMK

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