Tuesday 29 October 2019


It is probably unfair that 90% of my instagram stories are about food and very seldom do I post of my fitness related realities. Truth is, I've been doing them in the background (at least 2-3 times a week). It's a mind shift, you see. Before, I see it as a punishment for eating and enjoying food. Sure, we need to be sensible about our food intake but one thing I learned is that exercise is NOT a punishment but a CELEBRATION on what my body can do for now. FOR NOW, being the operative word. I realised that one day, I can't run full speed because I'll be old and frail. But NOW, I can do it so maybe I should? Mainly because it's good and there's never a workout that I regret doing. Making healthy lifestyle choices is a decision we need to make every day and personally, these eight hacks make my life easier and my food, something I look forward eating (hint: most of them are home made ones):

Simply Cook
It is a subscription-based recipe box service based in London. The company provides a monthly box containing four recipes and four nonperishable ingredient kits that are then added to fresh ingredients the subscriber purchases from the supermarket (source: Wikipedia). You'll probably see me posting our yummy dinners like: Chicken Katsu Curry, Beef Rendang, Korean Bulgogi and Chinese Chili Beef to name a few, and while I'd like to get all the credit - my spices (herbs and sauces) usually come from Simply Cook. I find it economical because I don't want to buy a bottle of Indian spices, for example, only to be thrown away after two cooking. We definitely do less take-aways these days, not to mention we can control the quality of our ingredients and it's healthier too!

Ocado is a British online supermarket. What I love about Ocado is it's a power house. Most of my groceries come from Waitrose (because their meats and produce are superb) but more products are available compared to when I shop from Waitrose directly. Plus pound for pound, I save more money through their promos and vouchers. It being online means that I don't need to go physically in a shop and carry bulky toilet rolls. I can go home from my client onsite visit and Mr. Ocado man will deliver produce even at 9 PM.

Apple Cider Vinegar
I'm sure you have heard about ACV before. I was dubious to try it because I thought it will cause too much acid in my tummy. It's only early this year that I dipped my toes on it and though ACV alone will not cause weight loss, I noticed that I don't get hungry easily when I take one teaspoon diluted with water. It is NOT nice to the taste but bearable. I'm not taking it religiously but on the average, probably 2-3 times a week.

Low carb alternatives
Being aware that healthier alternatives exist is liberating! The fact that you have a choice and your choice will make a great impact in your overall mood and health is freedom by itself. I asked myself, why do I always eat rice? Is it because I am programmed to eat rice even if sometimes I'm bored of it? I realised that it's nurture. I grew up eating rice so it's my default. There are plethora of healthy choices out there and literally, the world is our oyster! I alternate rice with cauliflower, sometimes I skip carbs at all - who writes these rules anyway? As long as your macros (protein, fat and healthy carbs) are met, you're free to eat what you believe is right for you.

OOTD details: Black ribbed top from H&M | Skater skirt from Zara | Heat Tech leggings from Uniqlo | Trench coat from Coach | 1460 Pascal Virginia from Dr. Martens.

This post is getting longer so I'll cut it in half. Stay tuned for the next batch of our healthy hacks! -CMK

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