Sunday 7 July 2019


The past two weeks came by as a blur for Gab and myself. It was a welcome break from our usual, structured routine. We just had our civil wedding ceremony weeks ago with both of our parents as witnesses. It was a private, solemn yet full of bloopers laughter family event, to say the least. Almost everyday of our parents' stay, we made it a point to have dinners and go places together. If I have a magic wand, I'll do this every month if I can. The night before the civil wedding we went to Mercato Metropolitano to get together. It took me ages to decide what to eat (typical of me) but settled for a New York hotdog with chips in the end (nothing short of fancy, eh?). Gab had an Argentinian steak. My parents and us shared two versions of crepe and they were sinfully good!

The day itself we had Pret for breakfast and lounged around most of the morning. By 12 pm, I was getting ready for my hair and makeup. Civil ceremony started at 2 pm and we are a couple of minutes late! It all turned out well in the end but not without some nerve wracking palpitations if we can make it on time or not. Thankfully, we did. The whole ceremony lasted for less than an hour and after some few photos from the lovely garden, off we went at Canary Wharf. For our photo shoot, we went to a couple of areas to capture amazing shots and headed back to where we left our parents (all the walking were too much for them). We booked a restaurant called Bokan. This is the same place we spent our Valentine's day this year (related post HERE). Food was good but us being together, sitting around a massive table overlooking London made the day so much fun! My belly was aching (due to excessive laughter) by the time we got home and albeit tired, this is one of our most memorable moments as a couple!

So much has happened in between and it's true when they say the day will go so fast! I vaguely recall some details but I'll always look back this day as the day when the heavens opened its door and made my little-girl dream a reality. -CMK

Special thanks to Austen of Amoureux Weddings for capturing our lovely photos! We can't wait for our formal wedding ceremony next year!

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