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How long do you spend trying t pack your bags when you go traveling? It probably takes a few days, and you almost always end up bringing things you don’t need and forgetting things you do. So, with that in mind, I’ve got some packing tips that are about to make traveling a whole lot easier:

Fold/roll up your clothes

Whenever I was a child, I’d see my parents folding clothes as they put them in the suitcase. I always wondered why as they just added extra work to the packing process. If I had it my way, I’d get my clothes and throw them in; there, job done. But, folding or rolling up your clothes makes life easier when you pack. For one, it ensures you maximize the space in your bags. It will amaze you how many extra things you can fit into a suitcase if you fold up your clothes instead of chucking them in. Secondly, folding them helps prevent some pretty awful creases. If you unpack as soon as you arrive, then you won’t need to waste time ironing all your clothes!

Bring shoes that have multiple purposes

When you travel, you’re going to be doing lots of different things, which means your choice of footwear varies. If you’re heading to the beach, you need sandals. If you’re planning on hiking or going on long walks, you need suitable footwear. When you go out for dinner, you need something classy. Ideally, you should bring a couple of pairs of footwear that can be used in various situations. There are some stylish and comfortable sneakers you can buy that go well with dresses, can be worn to dinner, yet also double up as great walking shoes. Likewise, a pair of nice sandals will suit beach-life perfectly while also being ideal for fancy dinners and evening wear as well. A couple of things that can be used in various scenarios means your suitcase isn’t full of about ten different pairs of shoes!

Pack some washing powder

Okay, this seems a bit odd, but bear with me. The worst thing about traveling is that you need lots of clothes to wear for many days. Imagine if you went away for over a week, can you really afford to pack 14 different outfits?! Of course not, it’ll take up too much space and make your suitcase too heavy to carry. So, this is where the washing powder idea comes into play. Now, you can wash your clothes after you wear them. Some hotels have washing services you can take advantage of, but if you’re not staying in one or want to save money, then you can wash them yourself. Look for local laundrettes or use the sink in your bathroom. Bringing your own powder ensures you won’t damage the clothes and stops you from having to go out and buy some. A week's worth of clothes can last many weeks when you keep washing them and cycling through them. Now, you have more space in your bags for the more essential items. *This is a partnership post.

Bring an emergency kit

You’ll notice that the other three tips are mainly designed to free up space in your suitcase. Primarily, this is to ensure that you can fit your own little emergency kit in there. This isn’t something you can buy, it’s more a do-it-yourself kit full of things you might need in an emergency situation. There should be a first aid kit in there, some extra phone batteries/portable chargers, a spare phone if you lose yours, a few emergency snacks, and so on. The point of this kit is to cover your bases if bad things happen. What if you break your phone and have no way of calling anyone or contacting your family? The spare phone covers this. What if you get lost and have nothing to eat - some spare snacks will keep the hunger at bay. Even something as simple as a map and compass can come in handy! Ironically, your trip will be a success if you don’t have to use anything in your emergency kit. You want to get home and unpack everything and be like phew didn’t need this after all. But, it’s vital to have just in case!

I hope this has given you a few tips on what you should pack and how you should prepare for your travels. I find that it’s much easier to enjoy traveling when you’ve got everything you need and aren’t forced into carrying around three different suitcases full of clothes!

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