Wednesday 17 April 2019


Sometimes we think that we are happy and content with our lives. Your career might be on track, you may have children or fantastic partner to spend your days with, and so it might feel like there isn't anything missing. That is, until you consider getting a pet. It is a great way to add to your family, and so you might have been thinking about it for some time. A popular option is a dog, and it could totally transform your life. So here are some of the ways that your lifestyle might change for the better. 

Needing to be more active 
We all know that being more active could change our lives for the better, but we all don’t really do enough exercise day to day. This is when a dog could have a big influence on your daily routine. A dog needs to be walked all of the time, and so this will encourage you to get out and be more active yourself. Walking everyday can have such a positive effect on you. Not just with your fitness levels but also your mindset, especially if you struggle with things like depression or anxiety. It could be a real positive change to your lifestyle, and one to embrace for sure. 

Getting all of the things they need 
There are things that a dog would need day to day, and so getting a pet dog will change your priorities a little as you start to take into account their needs before your own. It’s things like making sure they have a bed, such as a tweed dog bed that goes well with your home decor. It’s things like eating and drinking bowls, dog brushes and grooming equipment, and even preventative medications for things like fleas and worms. You want to ensure that you do all that you can to make them feel happy and comfortable, which is why it can be a great thing for you in terms of your lifestyle as you start to put needs of others before your own. *This is a partnership post.

Company when you are home alone
A dog can be the greatest company. Especially if you live alone or spend a good chunk of time on your own. It can be one of the biggest incentives to getting a pet dog. Knowing that when you get home from work there is someone waiting for you. It is taking care of their needs, and knowing it has to be done. Again from a mental point of view, this can be really helpful to take your mind off things and help you to take care of yourself better. 

Family dynamics can change 
Finally, the family dynamics can change quite a bit, and that can be specific to any children that you have. A pet dog can teach things like responsibility and empathy. Which are great lessons for kids to have. It also means that you can all enjoy the dog together, going out for walks and taking care of it. 

Let’s hope this has encouraged you to consider getting a dog in the future. 

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