Friday 1 February 2019


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If a new year means a new you, it’s definitely best to start with your wardrobe. How you look on the outside can, after all, have a tremendous effect on how you feel on the inside too - and there is no faster way to feel great than to give your wardrobe an upgrade. When it’s been a while since you last cleaned out all of those drawers, it can be a bit overwhelming, though, and you’re certainly not the first one to feel like wardrobe upgrades are a never-ending project. There are various cute tops you’ve never been able to pair with anything, after all, and some dresses that used to look cute which you’ve just been hanging on to for sentimental reasons. Here is a handful of ways to get that wardrobe upgrade over with a bit quicker so that you can get started on establishing a brand new style for yourself. Spring is coming up soon, after all, and it’s going to feel great to have a bit of space in those drawers again. *This is a partnership post.

First: Creating three piles
Whenever we have to undergo a bigger organising project, it’s always best to start as simple as possible; create three categories in your head and work your way through it from there. Some of the clothes you have may be completely worn out, for example, and have just been hanging around because you used to love them dearly. They can be thrown out and you should get this over with sooner rather than later.

Some clothes, on the other hand, have just been sitting there without really being used because they look odd on you or because you don’t have anything to pair them with. Give them away so that they can finally be taken out on some adventures - they deserve it, after all. Now you should be left with the clothes you happily wear quite often. This is what you need to work from in order to create a new wardrobe; otherwise, you run the risk of having a lot of random pieces you can’t pair with anything again.

Next: Get back to basics
With these must-have garments in mind, you can head out to your favourite online shop or second-hand shop to get some basic clothes. Check out this article, to begin with, and learn all about how you can shop a bit smarter before you get started. That way, you won’t have to scroll through endless lists of mediocre clothes before you find the best pieces for your wardrobe.

Another point to this is that, since you’re trying to create something new and exciting in order to give your look a breath of fresh air, you need to think a bit outside of the box. Treat yourself to a new statement piece from Abrecht Bird, for example, or try on a new and daring piece of sunglasses to cheer the new season on. It just makes it a bit easier to get excited about an outfit when you have something pretty to complement it with. Now you should have everything you need to feel stylish as soon as you get up in the morning - and it does make it a bit easier to get excited about starting your day.


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