Saturday 5 January 2019


Ah, fresh start. Don't we all love the idea of starting over? Things to 'try' this year. I like how non-committal this word is. You may or you may not. I am currently sitting on my bed tapping my keyboard away on a yet another gloomy post-holiday Saturday afternoon. I know for sure that January blues really is a thing. However, there are antidotes! Good old get your bum-bum moving and healthy eating (says someone who had a Pret chocolate croissant for breakfast). I only ate half though, I shared the other half to Gab, promise. Picture above was taken on the last day of 2018. Overlooking London Eye, we spent the NYE from the 45th floor (HERE's a tour, if you're interested).

1. Juicing once a week. It was initially set to four times a week but I narrowed it down to once a week to make it realistic. I still have my healthy skin and body potion on repeat: Carrots and ginger. I have written numerous posts about the effects of real food in our body so feel free to scour my blog on those. Also, I'm on episode two of The Paleo Way (Netflix) and what can I say? I'm loving it. I can't say I'll follow it religiously but it's very educational.

2. No spend January. I have been a bit spendy last month and to keep things on track, I will do a no spend January. No spend rule is for non-necessities because like it or not, I needed to buy a mouthwash and toothpaste last Wednesday. I am also slowly but surely tidying up my wardrobe and books. It's a good way to spend your weekend indoors plus it reinforces my decision to not buy additional stuff because I've got loads of them already. One thing I've learned about minimalism is to give your things a "home". If you can't find a spot for it, chances are it's not that functional or important.

3. Cardio at least 4 times a week. At first, I thought this one's overly optimistic but hey, as of this writing, I've completed my fourth run so hooray! I vowed to run everyday whenever possible but I know that there'd be days that I'll falter. It's good to have a gym buddy too so someone will judge you if you want to cop out.

4. Be good at planning. There are so many great things that await this year and I am so EXCITED for spring! I have a hen do to plan (one of my best friends is getting married, hello M!) and my own wedding to start planning too. I've had a mind shift last night. I mean, I look at my wedding as an additional, daunting to-do list and while it is - I need to appreciate this moment, that I have a wedding to plan because there's a point in my life that I just gave up and accepted it might not happen but here we are!

5. Say my graces every day. It is so easy to be a major of minors and a minor of majors so I'd like to set aside a quiet time every day. I was once so good at it. When I was in my 15's or 16's - my schedule was full on. Nine hour class at school, projects and assignments after, family days and other extra activities. That was intense, how did I manage? I think one of the reasons is that every 6 am, I sit down and have a moment by myself before I face the day. I'd like to be that person again, minus the hectic schedule, thank you very much.

Lastly, I'd like to execute my intention because: You are what you do, not what you say you’ll do! -CMK


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