Sunday 30 December 2018


Ah, winter. It’s hard to decide whether it’s a season that we love or a season that we hate. The truth is probably somewhere in the middle. But there’s one aspect of winter that most of us will agree is not so enjoyable: just how dark and gloomy it can be. Sure, there’s something to be said for those dark nights, but not for so many months. As such, it’s important that we find ways to brighten up our winter. The good news is that this can be fun! Take a look at some of our ideas below, and keep that winter darkness at bay.


Let in the Light
To begin with, let’s take a look at what’s happening inside your home. This is where you’re going to be spending most of your time during the winter, so you don’t want it to contribute to the overall gloom, do you? It’s a good time of year to ensure that as much natural light as possible can get into your home. It really does make a difference on those chilly mornings if you have that lovely low winter light shining into your house or not.

Update the Wardrobe
You might not be showing off your sense of style to the world all too often during the winter (it’s more of a “big coat and boots” time of year), but it’s not going to be long before spring arrives. And even before then, it’s always fun to mix up the everyday and get dressed up, even the temperatures are freezing! So why not take a look at updating your wardrobe? You’ve got many dark nights to look through what’s worth keeping and where you need to invest. Once you’ve got your wishlist, head over to Petal & Pup and get yourself some new clothes. It’ll take the edge off winter, and remind you that good times are coming up!

Take a Trip
The majority of people opt to take their holiday during the summer season, but why? There’s so much going on during the warm months; it’s worth sticking around for. During winter no-one wants to do anything, it’s freezing, and there’s nothing to do anyway. It’s a great time to set sail and explore somewhere new! You don’t have to travel a million miles to get some winter sun, and deals can be pretty attractive if you look hard enough. You’ll certainly have brightened up your winter (and your skin) once you’ve spent a week lying on a sun-kissed beach.

Get in the Kitchen
We won’t go into too much detail, we’ll just say: this is the best time of year to get your colourful cocktail game on. There are plenty of delicious ones out there!

Embrace the Outdoors
Finally, why not wrap up warm, and hit the outdoors? You might not spend the afternoon walking under a shining sun, but you’ll get your lungs filled with fresh air and the brightness will come back to your face. It’ll make the winter more fun, we promise!


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