Friday 21 December 2018



Life can be oh so enjoyable, but it’s just a truism to say that it can be - no, is - expensive. If we want to survive and thrive in the modern world, then we need to pay for it, and sometimes those expenses can seem insurmountable. The best way to make sure you’re not caught out, therefore, is to incorporate smart strategies into your everyday life, ones that’ll help to keep those costs to a minimum. We take a look at a few options for you to make the most of below.

Make More Food
We want to save our money for the fun things in life, but alas, we need to, you know, eat food and drink water. But if you take a look through your weekly spending, you might find that you’re spending far more money than necessary on simple sustenance. We know, we know - sometimes it’s pretty tempting just to stop by a relatively inexpensive eatery and pick up something tasty. But even the costs of eating at those cheaper joints can quickly stack up! Instead, learn the art of cooking, and then make more than you need - you’ll appreciate the leftovers for lunch the following day more than anything you could spend money on. *This is a partnership post.

Think About Where You Shop
Not all costs are the same. You could end up paying much more just for an item, simply because you’re in the habit of shopping at just one place. It’s much better to rethink where and how you buy your essentials; there might be an option that saves you a lot of money when those costs are multiplied by a month or more. Indeed, this review talks about how much money can be saved if you buy items in bulk. So don’t blindly give your money to the company you’ve always used; it might not be as good for you as you think. *This is a sponsored post.

Entertainment Options
We work hard, and you better believe that we want to play hard. The problem is that the cost of going out has become more and more expensive in recent times. So it might not be possible to go out and just live your good life: you need to be smarter! For starters, there are nearly always free events taking place if you live in or near a large city. It can also be much cheaper to go out for a lunch meal rather than dinner, for instance.

Reuse and Repair
We live in a society that says when something is broken or damaged, you should throw it away and buy something new. But just because that’s what’s encouraged, it doesn’t mean it’s the best option. It’s not! Most everything can be repaired so that it has a longer life, and especially electronics. Instead of looking up the best option to replace a dying computer or phone or whatever, have it looked at by the experts. You’ll probably find that it can easily be brought back to life with just a little TLC!


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