Monday 10 December 2018


Clearing up your headspace does not need to always involve lots of money. Sure we all need that big holiday once in a while but we can rejuvenate our tired souls from simple things like walking in the park. I like parks - maybe because we didn't have abundance of it back in the Philippines (where I am originally from. I worked in the city all my life and back then, my form of relaxation defaulted to going to the mall and shopping. I did enjoy it but there's something about nature that wakes up my creative and inner child, I guess. 

Battersea Park is a 200-acre green space at Battersea in the London Borough of Wandsworth in London (source: Google). The park has over 4,000 trees and on a good sunny day, you'll appreciate it all the more. It's a walking distance from Battersea Power Station. After a long stride that morning, we decided to grab a coffee from The Coffee Works Project and do our food shopping from Waitrose. Nothing extravagant, just a mindful walk and small treats - sometimes that's all we need to appreciate this truth: Every day is a good day to be alive. -CMK


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