Tuesday 9 October 2018


Croatia reminds me of the Philippines so much. First, the islands. Next, the beach. Then, the seafood! I will never mention Croatia without an extra spark πŸ’«in my eyes because, if you are following me on Instagram (@callmekristineanne)... this is where Gab knelt in front of me and asked THE question 😍I am so tempted to change the plot of this post but I must resist! Today's post is all about how beautiful this place is! Croatia is composed of 1,200 islands. We stayed in Crikvenica island for a week of swimming, eating, chatting and having good fun! I inhaled all the good vibes in this island. It's a place where all you need to think about is where to eat and where to lay your beach bag! We went there last August and it was boiling. However, during night time it can be a bit chilly too. There's so many activities you can do here. We tried the extreme jet ski experience and oh boy, it was scary at first but I want to do it again (turns out it's not that scary after the first round). Food price points are just about right and their seafood are fresh and I probably ate seafood 80% of my entire stay there. Tip: Make sure you visit Galija because they serve the best food! Doesn't matter what you pick on their menu, you can never go wrong. 

Another reason why this place is special to me is this is the first time I can shamelessly wear a two-piece swimsuit. I am happy to report that I am losing weight and I'm a firm believer of celebrating small victories so yay! It's such a fulfilment for me to finally wear a two-piece suit (might be trivial to some but believe me, I've always had weight issues for as long as I can remember). Watching the sunset is one of the things I miss when we went back home. I want to go back soon, after all, I still have 1,199 islands to cover! πŸ– -CMK


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