Saturday 17 February 2018


Can you imagine how many cities can one enjoy in this lifetime? I reckon even if we go to one city a week, it's not enough to cover the whole globe. However, let's face it - we will always have our favourite places close to our hearts! This year, we have planned to cover some familiar and not so familiar places to satiate our travel appetite! The funny thing is, I realised I've lumped our travel from March and April. There'll be a time we'll be spending one weekend in London, in Marrakech and in Copenhagen consecutively! This is going to be a first!

This is Marrakech. It took me a year to finally book a flight in this city. I've heard so many good things about the place but I won't lie, I was skeptic to go for so many reasons. Anyway - this 2018 I'm going to see how beautiful (and tasty) this place is!

Copenhagen, Denmark. Ahh, yes, the land of Hygge! I've been obsessed about this place ever since I've read the book (as we all are!) and this is definitely one of my dream places to go! I can't wait! PS: Pictures on this post are not mine. I got them from Google Images.  -CMK


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