Monday 1 January 2018

OH, HELLO 2018!

Mr. 2018, the thought of you excites me. The year before you has been one of the best years of my life. 2017 indeed has been kind to me. However, I know full well that good days should end so that better days can begin. Truth is, there's still two hours and twenty seven minutes left before we give way to you officially but that won't stop me from listing all the things that I want to try on your year, Mr. 2018, God's willing.

Visit the Nordic countries. Denmark, particularly. Ah yes. The land of Hygge. Seriously, I would like to see in my own eyes why Denmark is a habitat of the happiest people on earth.  Record my 1 second everyday. I've never bought an app in the Apple store. However, this is an exception. I bought this app called 1SE or 1 Second Everyday. I thought it would be cool to document how 2018 will go. Of course, I'm not sure if I can commit to it but I'll try one day at a time. Explore more non-meat options. I want to significantly decrease my meat intake. I've managed to cut down a massive portion of my meat and dairy intake but I want to do better. For so many reasons but mainly because I do not want to eat fear anymore. When animals know that they'll get killed, fear overtakes them. It goes through their muscles and we eat them. I just don't want to eat fear anymore. It's not going to be easy but I'm sure I can whip up a nice tofu and mushroom recipe soon! Be more active. The biggest inspiration that I have is I have the same weight as I did when I was taking diet pills years ago! And I mean, that's mind boggling because I didn't expect that it's possible. It takes good, quality meals and being active but it's worth it. I am so thankful that Gab is such a huge support when it comes to choosing healthier life options! Less screen time, more 'real' time. This is self explanatory and I've already begun this last year and it's so liberating that I want to do more of this. Oh as you can already tell, I am so ready for 2018! -CMK

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