Sunday 27 August 2017


Where will I begin? It was my first time to visit Belgium last July and this won't be the last I promise. From King's Cross St. Pancras, we took the train and travelled to Brussels. It's a good two hours from London to Belgium and it was a pretty relaxed journey. It was warmer in Brussels this time of year and we're loving it. Picture above was taken from their square, a very lively place where food and fun abound. Belgium is abundant with glorious, yummy food. We've all heard of Belgian chocolates, right? And they are the BEST! It will catapult you from earth to heaven in no time! Belgian waffles are okay, probably because waffles are not my thing to begin with. I tried it once and that's enough. Their mussels (tahong) and frittes (fries) are a different story though! Growing up in 7,107 islands (Mabuhay, Philippines!) - I rejoiced at the sight of fresh sea food.

We visited Atomium on the third day. It's another hour-ish train ride from Brussels city centre. Tip: Go for a day ticket to avoid the hassle of running out of credit. We've learned the hard way but it went well in the end. Picture below was taken in Bruges. This is just another door in Bruges but I think it's really pretty. It reminds me of Notting Hill London too.

Be ready to walk in Bruges so don't forget to wear comfortable shoes! It's not until the day after when I felt my feet due to long (but very nice) walks! Food in Bruges is so so compared to its city counterpart so don't get your hopes up high. There's a nice hole in the wall coffee shops there so be sure to visit one or two of those.

Totally random but if you walk past by Sushi Oui, TRY THEIR MAKIS AND SUSHIS! It's so good that we spent at least three times there. I know it's weird and out of the blue but their sushis are the second best I've ever tried (first is at Japan obviously). Going back, we've stayed in Belgium for five days and I think that's just about enough to lightly tour the city. I can see myself going back here because, I'll be honest... FOOD plus PICTURESQUE PLACES... what's not to love? -CMK


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