Tuesday 15 September 2015


Are you a health buff? Somebody asked me. I chided: I'm trying! *grins* If you know me personally, you're definitely aware that I have a sweet tooth! You can starve me but I'll have my ice cream, chocolates or cake. That's for sure! But, I've read this rather shocking news: Sugar is the new nicotine! (Google it) However, instead of jumping into a sugar-free zone bandwagon, I decided to take things slowly but surely. So, last Saturday - after my morning Pilates class - I went to Kingston town (walking distance away from my flat, really) and bought a couple of fun stuff.

Racer Back Top from H&M
I guess you know how inspired you are when you have a new gym/exercise outfit! It dawned on me that I've been using the same (there are 2) tops interchangeably for over a year now. Good job, isn't it? So - it's a high time for me to buy an addition! I love the print and oh boy, I'm giddy to attend my Monday 7 pm Pilates. Bring it on!

Flax Seed & Almond Milk
Okay, my brain will overheat if I put massive details on this post so please can we leave the thesis part? All I know is flax seed promotes good metabolism and is generally good since it has lots of fibre. As for the almond milk, I have a bit of a dilemma since I used to buy fresh milk. The thing is - it has a one week expiration and I can't finish them all (which means most of the milk go to waste). The almond milk has a 6-month expiration so that's brilliant.

Update: I tried to put both in my Nutribullet smoothie today. It tastes a bit weird but not a deal breaker. 

Lush Sugar Lip Scrub
I wanted one for the longest time but can't get to Central London. Then as I was passing by from the organic shop (where I bought my flax seed and milk) I had the biggest surprise. There is a Lush store in Kingston! It's a bit pricey (£5.50) for a lip scrub but I'll use this for a year so fair enough.

Mindfulness Colouring Book & Coloured Pencils
This one took me months before I gave in. I think this one's a better option because you can tear up each page and send it as a post card to your friends and loved ones. In fairness, I tried one last night and it worked. It calmed me down and it was a good break from all things world wide web.

I also got some hair products and a curling tong this week. I'll try to blog about them soon. What's your happy-thought purchases lately? -CMK


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  1. I got interested with your flax seeds and almond milk. Though I have idea on the two since I have officemates who are consuming those. Might as well try it. Thanks!


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