Thursday 3 September 2015


There are days you want to play all-made up. And then there are days that you just want to take it easy. It was a Sunday that time and the weather is too humid, so I opted to wear my trusty boho dress which I so miss right now because I forgot to include this on my luggage en route London. How could I?! :(

  • Dress from Forever 21
  • Watch from Veloci
  • Bag from Zara
  • Sandals from Primark

The only consolation I have is it's turning autumn this time of year so I can't wear this tropical dress without shivering from cold, wind and drizzle. Bring out the cowl necks, people!

Here are some boho inspiration. My favourite is number 3 because it's neutral and wearable.

Whenever you can't be bothered to dress up, what's your go-to staple? -CMK


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