Monday 27 July 2015


The urge to put on the caveat is so real that I have to include (MY PERSONAL EXPERIENCE) as a subtitle. I was buying a camera last week and was having a small talk with the sales assistant. While I told him that I have a specific model in mind, I asked him questions about still photography. I told him I needed that for blogging purposes and he asked me the usual question on the WHY behind my blogging. While I have an on-point answer, I sometimes ask myself that question specially when the creative juices are drained out of my system!

Yet, one factor will always be the reason behind CMK. It's because I get information from blogs (like info for visa applications, reviews of a product, hotel, stock market)... I believe it is but fitting to give back. I know that there's one person somewhere out there who benefits with all my raves and reviews once in a while :)

I realised (sold my stocks and encashed them) some of my gains just recently. And it occurred to me that out of all my investment instruments, COL Financial (direct stock market) yields the most gain. Stocks are listed in no particular order.

Double Dragon
DD started at Php 4.50 per share and is now trading at Php 13.32. That's about x3 over a period of less than 2 years. Simply said, it's whatever your capital multiplied by 3! To give you a proper perspective, banks give 2% yearly on time deposits while this yielded 300%. Heads up that I didn't yank all my investments here (if I had a crystal ball, I wish I did) :D

However, you know that high returns are coupled with high risk. COL Fundamental analysis list does not include DD and so is Bo Sanchez' TRC stock picks. Not sure why but I'm certain they have good reasons. Anyway, that's the risk I had to take, and I'm glad that it turned out quite well.

With JFC, no further introduction is necessary! I ate breakfast joy and chicken joy every week so I'm a fan! Seriously though, I've been amazed on how this grew from a measly Php 7 (way back early 2000's) to Php 220 (as of late). I was like... I should've placed massive amount on JFC! It's true people, hindsight is always 20/20.

The only issue I have with JFC is its room for growth. I'm not sure if this hits the ceiling price or there's still good outlook in the horizon. Before, they have 500 stores and now they have 3,000+. Like DD, JFC is no longer recommended by my trusted source, yet... I still bought some! :D

I know nothing about Candlestick and Fibonacci Retracement level O.O All I know is that every day there are people lining up for their happy meal and that to me is a good indication that JFC is here to stay.

PS: Fibonacci Retracement is a very popular tool among technical traders and is based on the key numbers identified by mathematician Leonardo Fibonacci in the thirteenth century. (SOURCE)

This part, I chose to be obedient with Truly Rich Club (TRC) recommendation. It's a bank industry and I am not really in the know what's going on behind the curtain. I got a stock alert email that if my portfolio is green, sell the MBT shares. And so I did. I got some gains but not much compared to the other two.

Do you know that Krispy Kreme is owned by MAXS? It traded at Php 17.00 early 2015 and now it's Php 35 per share. Like JFC, it's also a good investment specially if your time horizon is 5 years. It started 1945 and it's still alive and kicking these days. Filipinos love to eat and so consumer industries are booming!

SSI owns Starbucks, Rustans and most foreign brands you can see on Greenbelt mall. I bought it on their IPO stage and I'm quite pleased with the gains. I have to be honest though, I haven't repurchased this one yet. I might need to rebalance my portfolio soon as I think I'm gearing more on consumer stocks lately (which is not ideal).


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  1. I want to buy stocks too! I don't know how to do it..

    1. Hello Cheekeegirl - feel free to click on the 'Money Matters' tab on this blog :) Hope that helps. <3


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