Thursday 23 July 2015


Hello people! I am literally munching on my Chef Tony's creamy parmesan popcorn seconds ago before writing on my Macbook. Let's just say I'm having a 4-day break from all things work this week. It dawned on me that for more than 4 years, I have never took a long hiatus from work! I am very blessed with my work, however, it's true! No matter how awesome things are, you need to take a step closer away from them to develop that passion again!

Related to this, I've been inspired to nurture my creative side lately. Nope, I'm not talking about art because, I suck at them. But blogging and investing and catching up with loved ones can be considered an art as well, ain't it? :) So... let the blogging saga begin!

SOAP & GLORY has a catchy name. Let's start with that. And every time I went pass by any beauty stores, one of their racks are dedicated to this brand. I ran out of my night time moisturizers just recently and this 2-in-1 product caught my eye!

PS: To make this post relevant, I did some surfing over the web to check the product's availability. It appears that there's no mall boutiques for the brand just yet. However, it is offered on eBay, Amazon and there's even one Soap & Glory Philippines page on FB too. Kindly do some due diligence first before transacting :) 125 ml is about £6.00 (About Php 420).

It moisturizes really well! It feels that my skin is sipping and drinking all the good stuff from the tube. The substance is Ecru in color. The moment that you lather 3 tiny dots on your face, you'll feel the suppleness is on its way. 

TIP: I recommend exfoliating your skin once or twice a week. I use the usual Pond's Antibacterial facial wash and Olay facial brush. After which, pat your skin dry and apply a generous amount on your face. Wait for 20 minutes for the solution to settle before going to bed.

On my first few tries, I find the smell a bit weird. It's neither sweet nor fruity, it's just... different! I got used to them on my 5th application anyway. I find that my skin is a bit oily when I wake up. There's a very thin line between a moisturized skin and an oily one. Best to wash your face in the morning to remove the oiliness.

Tip: That said, I wouldn't recommend this to anyone with oily skin.

My personal, final verdict, though.

I've never seen a cream as rich as this. I'll defo repurchase because a) it doesn't break out on me and b) it leaves my skin hydrated all through the night. I think its 12-hour claim is legit. You may have noticed I didn't rave much on it being a hand cream, but it's equally powerful on my hands. I'm happy that I've found my go-to night cream for now! -CMK

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