Tuesday 14 July 2015


"Gazing at bright yellow sunflowers can boost your brainpower and lift your mood. The scientists found that vibrant reds increased confidence and lifted depression, while intense shades of blue made the participants feel calmer." Said an article called Staring at Bright Colors Will Make You Smarter, Happier (SOURCE).

Today is perhaps the day I had my hand nails painted since the past decade (!). No kidding! In fact, the last proper nail manicure I had was on my 18th birthday, which was, well... ages ago. I don't know what got into me that day but on our way to hotel, I just picked up these 2 nail polishes I got from Superdrug UK and stashed them on my bag.

The day after our hotel stay, Mum and I decided to have our usual bonding over foot spa. A thought hit me. Maybe it's time to paint my nails red! And there are these two bottles so conveniently squished into my bag.

I got them for £4.49 (about Php 280) per bottle but since Superdrug is forever holding their awesome good deals, I effectively got 2 bottles for the price of one. You'll be using this for a good few paints and I think it's more of a best buy rather than the other way around. The gel-like finish is another eye candy for me. Mundane tasks like writing or pulling out cash out from my wallet now seems to be a glamorous act as I can see my digits in their shining shimmering splendid form! Teehee! 

Youtubers rave about this product and how long-lasting it stays. The 7-day promise actually delivers an 8-9 day based on their experience. How cool is that?!

I noticed that the colour starts to be 2-shades darker compared to its first application. It's not a deal-breaker but if you're OC in terms of colour vividness, this may be a point to consider. In case you want to see the whole colour range, here you go:

Photo above is from Beauty.Life.Michelle blog. Visit her post HERE.

This product is worth trying! I am not sure if this already hits Manila shore but there's always a good workaround. Online purchases! The only problem that you may probably have is what colour you should get next!

Going back on how colours affect one's mood, I'm no scientist but all I can say is... it works for me! As I've said one too many times, I've been crazy busy and having this mani-pedi with a splash of sultry red colour left me feeling re-energised! Colours and moods. What's your take on this? Yay? Nay? -CMK

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