Wednesday 29 July 2015


There's no denying it. My hair looks (and feels) dry due to heavy treatments. I usually have it digipermed once a year (twice on some years) plus I'd succumb to constant hair colouring. I noticed that shower water in London is tad drying to manes as well. Result: Unhealthy hair :(

I think that's the beauty of blogging. You can document your process from one point to another. I wouldn't lie, I don't want to show only the good things in my life. There are constant challenges as well. The road to a healthier hair is one of those. Here are my 4 current raves this season and you'll be glad to know that all of them are available in the PH.

This retails for Php 184.75 for 600 ml. I got this from Landmark. St. Ives products are made from Switzerland so there's no doubt about the quality. This specific shampoo is made for colour treated hair. It contains aloe vera for healthier-looking hair. I think it's  my 2nd week of use and I'm loving it. It removes excess oil plus it doesn't strip the moisture off my hair.

Tip: Do not use shampoo every day. I was not a believer before but I noticed that when I stopped using shampoo every single day, my hair is not as dry. Best to use it 3x a week, if that's too much - you may start every other day.

Dove recently launched its Advanced Hair Care line. I got this conditioner from Boots (UK) for £4.00 (about Php 280) and it's just alright. I find the substance a bit too runny for a conditioner but I reckon that's it being the 'milder, oxygenated' version. My hair is not super manageable as I expected it to be (after use) so I might not repurchase.

Tip: Apply conditioner from your mid-length to tip. Avoid lathering it on your roots to prevent dandruff. Remember that conditioners are meant to tame unruly locks!

Still part of the Advanced Hair Care line, this product promises to lift hair from the roots for added body and volume. I'm not sure if I got it for £6 or £4 but it's somewhere along those lines. Definitely not greater than Php 400.00. It's 150 ml and contrary to its conditioner sister, I actually like this one.

Tip: Learn from my mistake, do not apply this on the tip of your hair :P I was weird earlier and applied it on my digipermed ends, it made my strands coarse even more. Lesson learned: read the directions. In fairness, it told me to: spray 10-12 pumps from scalp to ear lines. #Oops!

Gently nourishes with added volume and bounce. That's the promise. It retails for Php 280-ish at SM Supermarket. It's 198 grams but you and I both know that with mousse, we're not getting the entire product since the substance contains massive amount of air.

I've tried it yesterday and I like it better than my previous Finesse mousse. It's so light weight that you'll forget you've applied it. Yet, it sorts of lend an added texture overall. PS: I love the smell too!

Okayyyy... I've been contemplating lately whether:

>> take a break from usual colouring and let my hair go back to black
>> discontinue my digiperm treatment as this is a huge chunk of my chemical-drunken hair lately
>> buy a reliable hair straightener and curler instead (I've been staring looking at this NUME curl jam, but nah, I might need to think about it so many times before giving in)!

That's my overall hair care loves and situation. If you're having hair problems... cheer up, you are not alone! ;) -CMK

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