Friday 26 June 2015


The mere thought of spring makes everyone happy. Spring signals a new beginning, that more day light will come, that great possibilities are just around the corner. I remember writing a similar what my day looks like post on my London Diary series but that was in Autumn, I guess. I came back in London some time in May, and it's almost spring. Now, spring is in full bloom and summer is just around the corner!

So, really, what does my normal day looks like in Spring?

Alarm clock snoozes off and 99% of the time, I lull on my bed for a couple of minutes. Next, I get up and have some brekky. I usually have cereals but lately, I've been loving my Nutribullet smoothies! I'm not sure if you've heard of them but it's like a tiny blender where you put in all bananas, strawberries, kales (name it) and there you have it... power brekky!

I then take a bath and it's a bit longer this time, thanks to Victoria's Secret Love Spell Body Wash! After which, sun is completely up (on most days) which gives you more energy to go out and catch its warmth. Before that, I open up my Bible and pray. I've been starting to read Ephesians, chapter by chapter. It's not easy, to be honest. But whenever I recall all the time I've spent in social media - I'm all the more determined to take a small portion of my time nourishing my spiritual side.

There's one quote I saw and it's worth sharing:

"Our prayers may be awkward.
Our attempts may be feeble.
But since the power of prayer is in the one who hears it
and not in the one who says it
our prayers do make a difference." -Max Lucado

Next stop, is no other than make-up time! Here are some of my favourite products to date. I've been going cray-cray over contours and bronzers! Woop! Performance level ang peg! I'll put on my work clothes on (depends on my mood, you'll usually see me in dress + white blazer combo these days) and off I go.

I take a national train to work. My flat is 2 stations away from our office hub. Here's a sneak peek of our working area. Such a shame though as we have moved out just recently. They are tearing the whole place down to build a school. Well, there's always another chapter, so they say.

I super love my desk because it's so spacious! I normally use 2 monitors and lately, been bringing my packed lunch with me plus my yummy smoothies. It's during lunch time that I do my groceries. ASDA is just some few walks away so yeah, might as well do something fun during my free time.

Fast forward 6 pm, it's time to head home. That's what I appreciate in western culture, they have work-life balance in the truest sense of the word. I remember one time that I stayed until 6:45 and my boss said things can wait, work will always be there so I need to go home. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is one of the many reasons why I love my company. It's such a blessing in so many ways!

So I go home and say hello to my room! It's more of a reality situation rather than a picture-worthy one guys! :P

Here's my fave outfit, to date. White blazer is so fresh and spring-y to look at. I've made the look a bit edgy by wearing a shoe-lace wedge in nude. Depending on the days, my exercise varies. I do Pilates class every Monday and Saturday. On other days (when it's not drizzling), I walk in the park for 30-40 minutes before having my dinner.

Speaking of dinner, my favourite dishes of the month are seafood pesto and salmon teriyaki! Yes, guess who's cooking?! :) That's the case if I'm not out and about. Otherwise, I'll spend dinner with friends and enjoy the day/night away. Sunset happens at 9:15 pm-ish so this is one good excuse to go outdoors.

When I'm home bound: After dinner, it's either I'll watch some movies, read random books or blog. I'll end the day with a prayer, cozy up in my bed and sleep. Tomorrow's another day.

Thanks for stepping into my tiny little world and I hope you appreciate a bit of my life tour. Stay happy! -CMK


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