Thursday 4 June 2015


It's not everyday that one feels like dressing up. Toot! That's not for me. Since I was 5, or maybe even younger, you'll see me wrapped in a beach towel strutting like Victoria's Secret model. When I grew up, I came to terms that I can't be a professional model for reasons more than one, but that didn't stop me to be happy and dress pretty! Life is too short to wear boring dresses, they say! So recently, we've visited Cardiff, Wales and had so much fun! 

I was overjoyed that the weather was warm enough to don a dress. However, don't let the sunshine fool you, when the wind blows, geeez it still gave me the chills. On to my outfit, you can't go wrong with Kate Middleton inspired dress, that's for sure. The long sleeved number in lace has been a peg of so many wedding and casual dresses, to date. It will be a classic, moving forward I can imagine.

I got the blush dress from H&M. I've always been top heavy, hence I totally fell in love with it being a long sleeve. Denim jacket is from Primark, Brown backpack is from Jansport. Watch is from Fossil and Chuck Taylor, from Converse.

The whole outfit is somewhat bipolar, formal slash casual-ish. But I like it! You see, when you're sight seeing, comfort is important as well. I've realised a couple of things when we did the Wales trip:

  • Wherever you are, BE there.
  • Ghost tours are interesting (!) More blabs HERE.
  • Chucks are my new best friend.
June is basically a full swing summer in London and I'm pretty much excited with all the things yet to come! -CMK


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